Sex Abusers in Our Midst: Be Very Afraid

stopchildpredatorsWell, well, well. This week we had the suspension of Bill Gothard by his own ministry (they’ve placed him on what they delicately call “administrative leave”) after a mere 34 women alleged sex-abuse as girls at IBLP. Those of us who said something was rotten a long time ago in Oak Brook, Illinois, among their other locales, were dismissed as virulent Enemies of Truth, willing to question a Great Man of God. I have one response to that: Pass the sick bag.

We just went through the public downfall of another champion of family values (and historical costuming), Doug Phillips, who flamed out in spectacular fashion. This morning I checked my email to find yet another savory tapa served up from the  kitchen of evangelicalism. It appears that numerous adults are making allegations (and filing lawsuits) over rampant child molestation among the Jesus People USA, a big fad a few decades ago. I say “fad” because most evangelical movements, whatever they are, last about 20 years if they’re lucky.

If I had a dime for every evangelical and fundamentalist I’ve heard sneer at Roman Catholic priests because they are “dirty child molesters”, I’d be one wealthy woman. Indeed there were and are Roman Catholic priests molesting children and destroying innocence. But let’s not act like Protestant evangelical fundamentalists can keep away from children any better.

I subscribe to several sites that share breaking news on child molesters whatever their religious stripe. We have an epidemic of child sexual abuse, and it doesn’t seem to matter what the pervs claim to believe. They are a menace to children. The Independent Baptist church molesters and their filthy enablers who cover up sexual abuse are just as damned as any molesting priest wearing a clerical collar or some cult leading loon. They are all monsters for harming children.

Why does it take so long for these outhouses to blow? I know why. It’s because everyone who enables abuse has something to lose by outing the perpetrator or leaving. Everyone is on the take. People get paychecks. They have mortgages. Or maybe they like their position of influence. Or it makes their empty life feel more important because they are the right hand man/woman to the First Grand Cyclops of whatever “ministry” or “church” they operate. Whatever it is that causes them to demonize the victims and cover up for the perp, the net result is destruction of innocent people. And I’m sick of it.

There’s a new wind blowing, one of the only refreshing breezes on this fetid planet. That wind is the sound of victims who aren’t being quiet anymore. They’re coming forward, whether they are former missionary kids dumped and molested at boarding schools in some remote place while Mom and Dad evangelized strangers, whether they are altar boys scarred for life by pedophile priests, ATI/IBLP Gothard refugees who are now reporting what really went on, or one of the innumerable victims at churches of every stripe on earth. I say to them, step up to the mic. The world is ready to hear your stories.

We blame much of the downfall of this country on the war against the traditional family, abortion rights, and on and on. My theory is that this country is finished because the people who were supposed to be the lights in the darkness are actually part of it. They live their darkness, however, in secret, all the while braying into bullhorns and microphones about family values, raising “godly” kids, fighting Muslims and Obamacare.

I have a message for all the spiritual abusers in high places who prey and feast on innocents. Here it is: You’d better run. Your victims are finding their voices. To those who say that those voices speaking out “harm the cause of Christ”, let me ask you this: Since when did the Cause of Christ involve child molestation?

The true Cause of Christ is served when those who claim to be followers of Jesus deal with the perverts in their midst who harm innocent children. The true Cause of Christ is to speak for the helpless and for those without a voice. Failure to clean house in churches and ministries guarantees that the world will do it on the next newscast instead.  To paraphrase a bumper sticker, Jesus is coming back, and boy, is He angry.

14 thoughts on “Sex Abusers in Our Midst: Be Very Afraid

  1. Sandy Whistler says:

    I so agree with you. The thing that disturbs me the most each day is the condition of the “Church”. It hurts the heart to hear about all the evil that goes on in churches.

  2. Lisa Green Kentala says:

    Every day it’s a new horrid revelation. I’m not surprised about Gothard – he had very specific, almost fetish-like rules for girls and women including not only hair length but the amount of wave! Cult-like to the max. I wonder how this will affect the Duggar family, since they appear to follow Gothard 100%.

  3. celmur says:

    Friends who are working with him…wouldn’t hear anything bad about Gothard!

  4. Steve says:

    I’ve often wondered, just what this ‘charisma’ people are said to have. I’ve never seen it. A child might think Santa Clause has charisma, but that dissipates soon enough. I’ve met accomplished and successful people, and to put it in show business terms, off-stage, off-camera, without production, sans entourage, there is no charisma. I think it exists solely in the minds of perpetrators and even more so, their enablers, making them the ultimate suckers, because they are being used to further an agenda beyond their comprehension. It seems what we have is an overwhelming idiot problem.

  5. terriergal says:

    One has to wonder when the first allegation regarding Gothard came out and what happened to the person who made it. Sounds like the one girl tried to tell her mother and the mother’s response just makes me want to throw up.

    Same pattern over and over. Don’t listen to the accuser, they must be lying. Shut them down and shame them so no one else will come forward and substantiate the claim too.

  6. Carol says:

    So pathetically sad! So many sin-sick leaders! Misogyny has deep roots of sin. Lord Jesus, come quickly!

  7. Janice McKenzie says:

    Leave it to a women to say it best about the sickening sex scandal revelations going on. The list is getting longer by the day…thank you Internet. Let’s see: cj mahaney and Soverign Grace. I could not sleep for several days after reading the lawsuit. Brent Detwiler has the documentation on this one; Bob Jones University – Dr. Camille Lewis has done an outstanding job researching this beyond-sad history. And this Gothard 40-year cover up! What must God think of His church? Is there a crown for the countless girls and boys who suffered, tried to tell authorities, and then nothing done? There have been suicides and sick ness because of emotional stress from the Church! Is it any wonder young people do not want to attend church. Think of the agony of parents–those who went to church leaders and were told to shut up or worse yet, parents who remained silent. And, yes, I want their voices heard and respected. I want church leaders to be ashamed of themselves and repent.

  8. Ingrid Schlueter says:

    My friend Susan has written an account of what took place at Hepzibah House. I remember these people being promoted at a church I once attended. It speaks for itself as to what was going on there. Another example of abuse in Jesus’ name and in the name of “ministry.”

  9. Ingrid Schlueter says:

    News this week that Bill Gothard has resigned. He made it to 79 years of age, lived the life that he planned out, and now, resigns, leaving unbelievable human wreckage behind him. Why it takes so long for these monsters to be outed, I will never understand. And most of his followers will just claim it was a setup to tear down a Great Man of God. None so blind as those who will not see.

    For many in fundamentalism, he was a Mormon-style influence. He produced clean cut kids and families that looked so good coming out of the 60’s anarchy. Interest in “clean-cut” was a natural response from parents genuinely concerned about drug use, promiscuity, etc. in the culture. But where the local churches should have been doing their job of biblically discipling, a whiz bang parachurch ministry stepped in and took over. Wrong. Wrong and wrong. That was problem #1. The actual teachings themselves were the biggest problem. An emphasis on man-made externals vs. a focus on Christ and walking in grace because of what Christ has already done guarantees a cult.

    Ironically, Protestants who rejected even the concept of a Pope in theory had no hesitation in following the teachings of one man on nearly every aspect of their lives, including sex and contraception, nutrition, family, even medical information which was proven false and dangerous. He was far more of a pope than the Pope, frankly.” (Ingrid Schlueter)

  10. Tim Cunningham says:

    Having come out of a church in which spiritual, if not sexual, abuse was present, I know something of an insider’s grief for the state of Christ’s church which this news reveals, not to mention the trauma suffered by those who were victimized and I am grateful that the truth came out. If nothing else, these events may end the abuses and help those who were abused find healing.

    Yet there is an additional burning question I feel. I have to wrestle with the same sinful nature BG had to wrestle with so why did I not do the same things he did? I am not a strong executive, but a weak sinner who falls into sin on an every minute basis. Why has the Lord shown such mercy to me in keeping me back from such things?

  11. TheGirlWhoWasThursday says:

    Reblogged this on House of Water and commented:
    This is the best thing I’ve heard all day.

    “To those who say that those voices speaking out “harm the cause of Christ”, let me ask you this: Since when did the Cause of Christ involve child molestation?

    The true Cause of Christ is served when those who claim to be followers of Jesus deal with the perverts in their midst who harm innocent children. The true Cause of Christ is to speak for the helpless and for those without a voice. Failure to clean house in churches and ministries guarantees that the world will do it on the next newscast instead. To paraphrase a bumper sticker, Jesus is coming back, and boy, is He angry.”

  12. Ingrid Schlueter says:

    I am adding this on April 15, 2014, as this article, in all its grotesqueness, very clearly articulates the corruption I have been talking about in many parachurch ministries. This update on the lawsuit filed by the target of Doug Phillips’ advances is horrifying and sickening to read. But we have an obligation, when we have participated in and promoted a corrupt work, to come out and report when that ministry is revealed to be a fraud. This is more than fitting for the Hope Blog, because Lourdes Torres is no longer in the bondage of the false teachings of Doug Phillips and his associates. In telling the truth, she is finding freedom and strength she never had before. The truth will set you free…and others as well.

  13. Steve says:

    This is all by design and is particularly frustrating because people come to faulty conclusions. Simpletons will think “Patriarchy, bad; therefore, Matriarchy, good”, and opportunists will propagate, perpetuate, and enable these faulty conclusions. You will hear more and more in the coming 30 months or so, things like “rape does not occur in a Matriarchal society”. People will seek an effeminized church, or a Feminist church, or lean even harder toward a feminist society to replace the Church. I do not claim this to be prophecy; we’ve seen it before. Watch and listen.

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