4 thoughts on “Thought for the Day

  1. Carol says:

    Amen, Ingrid! And the Word says that it only takes a little faith the size of a mustard seed. It’s the Adversary who wants to make us think that no matter what we do it is not good enough, so that we will not pray since he trembles when believers pray! The Lord is listening to all prayers of His children and He answers all in His way and His time. The devil wants to discourage us, and keep us from a close relationship with our Heavenly Father. Let’s not let him!

  2. J J North says:

    Oh, let my hands forget their skill,
    My tongue be silent, cold , & still,
    This bounding heart forget to beat
    If I forget the mercy seat!
    ( from Morning and Evening – C.H.S. )

    1 Peter 5:7 Thanks for the quote.

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