Lipinski Strad Recovered!

I blogged back in 2008 about getting to hear the Lipinski Stradivarius at its unveiling here in Milwaukee. The violin was stolen from MSO Concertmaster Frank Almond a week ago when Almond was attacked after a concert at Wisconsin Lutheran College. Great news this morning that the violin has been recovered and suspects arrested. Hopefully, Milwaukee will soon enjoy the voice of this incredible instrument again soon. Good job, Milwaukee Police!


3 thoughts on “Lipinski Strad Recovered!

  1. Carol says:

    Such good news to hear that it has been recovered and the thieves caught! It saddened me when I first heard of the incident and then when I thought that now in this world even violinists need bodyguards!

  2. Ingrid Schlueter says:

    A week ago, Tom and I went to hear the Lipinski Strad at the recital Frank Almond had scheduled before his violin was stolen. It was a wonderful, unforgettable evening to sit 20 feet away from Frank and the historic instrument that was once again back in his hands. The Milwaukee area is so blessed to have a musician like Frank who just humbly goes out there and brings such indescribable beauty to listeners. His encore that night was a piece by Clara Schumann. Words aren’t adequate to convey the loveliness of all of it, but the final piece capped off an amazing evening that Tom and I will never forget. Bravo to the Milwaukee Police Department, FBI and all those responsible for solving the crime. Beauty won out. Thugs lost.

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