Dressed for the Party

Four-year-olds have to take the cake for making parents laugh. Emily walked into the kitchen a few minutes ago in a very special outfit. All day she has been pretending that it’s Hello Kitty’s birthday (she has a big one from Aunt Kris), and now with evening approaching, she decided to dress for the party. Children are so funny. She was trying to say “mail carrier” but settled on “mail girl.” I normally save these videos for Facebook, but decided to make an exception.

4 thoughts on “Dressed for the Party

  1. Lori Glass says:

    Thanks for sharing another cute Emmy video. She must bring joy and fun to your home everyday.

  2. Carol says:

    I just love imagination and creativity in children! Emmy is such fun! Wish I could be there to enjoy that party! : )

  3. Jonathan Schlueter says:

    I love this little girl. I cann believe the questions she has at this age and it amazes me…I love you Emmy!


    Jonathan Schlueter

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