Little Sister, Big Brother

Will she remember these times? Emmy is only four, and Will is 17 and ready to launch into college. I hope she is able to remember something of the many hours she has spent with the big brother who is such a part of her life. If there is one thing a little sister can teach a big brother, it is tenderness and patience. That’s something children can teach all of us.



7 thoughts on “Little Sister, Big Brother

  1. Carol says:

    I think that she will remember, especially since you have so many pictures to record the special moments. Maybe you can print them out and make a little photo album for her to look at after he leaves home, and she misses him. Have a Blessed Christmas, Love, Carol

  2. Isabel Zuchetti Zanatta says:

    I have a big brother 13 years older than me, like these siblings at the picture. Tenderness is the correct word to define our relationship. Now I’m 27 and he’s 40, but I ever look for him when I am unhappy. He is like a shelter in a time of storm. (Sorry for my english, I am a Brazilian woman)

  3. Ingrid says:

    What a beautiful gift of a brother! Thank you for stopping by the blog, Isabel.

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