3 thoughts on “In Honor of Beethoven’s Birthday

  1. Carol Blair says:

    I remember and still miss very much Karl Haas’s radio program on classical music, “Adventures in Good Music,” where he always began with this piece. In September 1995 I went to a live concert and presentation by him in Evanston, IL (took the “L” from downtown Chicago), where he began the program by coming from backstage and, wordlessly, sitting at the piano and playing this piece. The concert hall was packed. We loved it – and him!

    A piano-phile myself, I loved the camera work in the video – focusing on Mr. Barenboim’s hands.

  2. Ingrid Schlueter says:

    Karl Haas’s program is dearly missed. I was a regular listener on WFMR here back in the good old days when Milwaukee had that wonderful station. I was glad to find this beautiful video played by Barenboim. Back when he was Music Director for the CSO, Tom and I went to Chicago and heard him play Mozart Piano Concerto 24, I believe it was. The pure elegance of that music will always stay with me. It’s a privilege to hear this kind of beauty and see it performed live at times. Thank the Lord for music. What would the world be without it?

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