A Small Tribute

I’ve said it all before, but this hectic season, I am saying it again. Sometimes we get so enthralled with the bad stuff and bad people in the world that we forget to appreciate the good.

tomwilsoncenterWe live on a broken planet, and the truth is that the brokenness can dominate our focus while the good is right there in front of us. I wanted to write this small tribute to my husband, Tom. He has kept going through everything thrown his way over 18 and a half years of our family. This Christmas season, again, I have watched as he has kept going through a lot of exhausting things. He is currently playing a long-running musical that challenges him in many ways. The show must go on, even through a terrible cough, icy roads, and even the wrong trumpet last week, so he had to transpose the entire show’s music in his head, live. He never complains.  He still has a sense of humor. He is kind to everybody. He is the truest Christian I have ever met who lives what he claims to believe. I want to be like him.

He managed to get our Christmas tree up when it didn’t look like he’d be able to find the time. (It was up in the rafters of the garage where I couldn’t get it.) Will’s been so slammed with exams and lessons and practice, he had no time either. But the tree is up. Emily is thrilled to see the ornaments she remembers from last year and the manger scene that she set up.

It isn’t long before Christmas, can you believe it? I am mulling over what to make for Christmas dinner. For the first time in my entire life, we went out for Thanksgiving dinner. It simply worked out best for all of us. Our son Emthanksgiving2013who is recovering from broken hip and leg was able to join us thanks to the disability access at the place where we ate. There was a big fire in the fireplace at the German restaurant. Emily was so awed by the stained glass there and the high-beamed ceiling and the balcony that she leaned over and whispered, “Is this a church?” All in all, though, there’s no place like home for the holidays. Will missed green bean casserole, so he’s getting plenty of that this Christmas to make up for it!

I thought I’d share this sweet old carol I love. I think it’s my favorite. It evokes so many dear thoughts and memories in my mind, as I am sure every carol does for someone. More than anything, it reminds me of our Savior and the Incarnation. What a miracle!


2 thoughts on “A Small Tribute

  1. Holly says:

    Thanks for sharing with us. Christmas is truly a time of wonder isn’t it? Jesus is Immanuel, God with us. We are not alone anymore when we trust in Him.

  2. Rose says:

    Thank you for sharing this, Ingrid. Yes. it seems like things are getting worse everywhere and we can easily become discouraged by all we hear and witness happening in the news. Thank you for this reminder that right in our very own homes are miracles, gifts of God… our spouses, children, and grandchildren and the special times we share together. All proof that God is still on the throne and in control as He continues to bless and sustain us. We are awaiting the birth of our first grandson…the due date is today in fact. My best wishes and prayers go out to you and your family this Christmas. Thank you for continuing this blog. I loved that song,too.

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