Brotherly Love

No matter how late it is when Will gets home, he always goes in his little sister’s room to kiss her good-night, even though she is often sleeping. Sometimes he is the one who tucks her in and prays with her, and she has been known to talk him into reading her bedtime story also. I went by her room one night recently, and she was sitting with him in the rocking chair. He had a stack of books on his knee.

Will is soon going to be off to college. I take as many photos as I can of these last months where he is here, because I want her to have a memory book some day of the times her brother was able to spend with her. Tonight Will left with his brother for the pro-life banquet where he is volunteering. I snapped this photo of him swooping up his little sister before he went out the door.



3 thoughts on “Brotherly Love

  1. Connie says:

    Such a beautiful story and such a beautiful family! So like Will to pay attention to others. You have raised some fine children!

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