I Remember Blogging…

tweetI remember when blogs began not all that many years ago. It was exciting stuff to be able to write something and get a direct response back from readers. Readers liked it, too. If they didn’t approve of what you said they didn’t have to punch their computers, they could just write (edited version for language), “You are crazy. This blog is ridiculous and your thinking is seriously messed up!” And so it went. Some antagonists were so enraged that they actually ended up creating fake versions of my Slice of Laodicea site for purposes of ridicule. Photo-shopped photos of myself, sexual slurs, character assassination and so forth followed, and that was just from the “Christian” crowd.

The excitement of information and opinion sharing with blogs didn’t last long. Social media really took off with Facebook and Twitter. Suddenly blogs were old school and cumbersome. They required actual writing of paragraphs and the constructing of sentences. They ate content. You would just finish one whiz bang post, and your readership would come back looking for more the next day. The more you published the more your readership grew. With the news cycle providing endless fodder, content was always there for you if you needed it.

But people are lazy now. They don’t really want to read whole paragraphs. They like to read 140 characters and hit the attached link on Twitter. I didn’t think I’d get there, but I’m there now in the 140 character world of communication.

People use sites like Twitter and Facebook for their own reasons. Some use it only to self promote and link to sexy  instagram pics of themselves on the beach or whatever. Some use it to stay in touch with personal friends and family. Others are concerned with what’s going on in our country and use it to vent on political news. Some use it strictly for religious purposes and share their faith on the sites. Like radio, television or newspapers, social media is just another medium that can be used well or not so well as any user soon learns.

I haven’t used Twitter much and used to scorn it. Because of my need to stay aware of news for my job, I have used Twitter for following news stories. Recently, I began tweeting also as there is no faster way of sharing news or responding to other people online. I may be late to it, but I’m finally there and starting to enjoy it.

To those who still stop by this blog, I realize I haven’t come up with much content worth reading lately. It’s that challenge of constructing actual sentences and paragraphs and having something to say that hasn’t already been said ad nauseum. I’d rather share photos and videos elsewhere anyway away from voyeurs and stalker creeps who come on here looking for something to laugh or gossip about. Yes, I’ve posted plenty of those on here as filler, not really believing anybody cares about the latest organ video or Emmy pics! That’s what Facebook is for. To share family photos with your 500 closest friends!  🙂

So personal blogs may be fading, but things are quite lively elsewhere in the land of social media. It has been interesting to watch the evolution of it all. We can only wonder where things will be 10 years from now. Kids are already rejecting Facebook and Twitter in favor of Snapchat and other sites. My son and his friends have now declared all social media “stupid”, and my son hardly posts at all anymore. Maybe the next phase will be total abandonment of the medium and a resumption of real life. Now there’s a radical idea!


5 thoughts on “I Remember Blogging…

  1. Lisa Green Kentala says:

    My 16 year old son hardly uses Facebook anymore. He likes twitter and snapchat. It was inevitable once the “oldsters” invaded Facebook (which was originally a college social media site). My intuition tells me teen girls use all social media far more than boys. Most of my son’s tweets are about professional sports. Girls are much more into personal relationships, though I think FB is old hat to them too 🙂

  2. Francesca says:

    Just note to say that I LOVE the organ videos along with the other music you post. As for the pics of that darling Emmy . . . keep them coming. 🙂

  3. Ron Whited says:

    Count me as one who much prefers to read paragraphs of enlightening and informative materials over the abbreviated blurbs so commonly accepted on the web. I for one look forward to the uplifting and wholesome posts that you offer and hope you will continue to add new content regularly.

  4. Tim says:

    Please keep going with this blog. It is the one blog I do not have to stress about reading any part. It is satisfying and real life

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