Looking for a New City

It would be hard to find a more joyful musical scene than this one in the video below. Nederland Zingt (Netherlands Sings) is my favorite channel to visit on YouTube. It’s a TV program that features hymns and gospel songs. Most are in Dutch, so sometimes I have to ask somebody what they are singing, but they also feature gospel songs and hymns in English occasionally.

My friend Desiree helped me out with the words on this one. The tune is familiar, as my mother used to sing a song with this tune that began, “Love Divine, So Great and Wondrous…” But this song is called New Jerusalem. Desiree, who is Dutch, but lives in Singapore, sent me a translation of the words, so I could learn what they were singing with such gusto!

What I love about this is that children and adults of all ages are singing together in the mix. The beautiful words speak of a day when all barriers will be gone, all divisions, all pain and suffering and sadness. Here are the translated words of New Jerusalem that the crowd is singing together.

City of light with your pearly gates Wondrous city built so high Never did anybody on this earth see your beauty / loveliness 

Holy place full of light and glory
Where the tree of life grows and the source of living water through the golden city of God flows

Beautiful home for worn (or tired) pilgrims coming from the sandy desert where they will rest from all their works at the springing fountain

What a joy that will be to be united with Him at that time In that city with its pearly gates in the new Jerusalem

Chorus: There I will meet my Lord Listen to His lovely voice There will be no more mourning and no more tears In the new Jerusalem