Emmy’s Baking a Cake

Emmy loves to pretend cook, and her play kitchen is one of the things she uses the most. So when she gets the chance to make a real cake, she’s ready. It was a perfect day to bake a spice cake. The weather is cool and fall is definitely in the air. I didn’t use my favorite recipe due to lack of time, but the Duncan Hines variety turned out well and the house smelled very good today. Sam and Laura and their baby (could be 2 in a matter of days) are coming over for our traditional Sunday evening get together for supper, so the cake will come in handy.


little baker

13 thoughts on “Emmy’s Baking a Cake

  1. Ingrid Schlueter says:

    She did a good job cracking the eggs and pouring in the oil and water. When I used the mixer, I let her put her hand on it with mine, but she got fits of the giggles saying, “It tickles!”

  2. Judi Hayes says:

    Ingrid, this took me back to the days when my mom had me mix box cakes in a green pyrex bowl that looked just like yours, It was part of a set of nesting bowls, the largest yellow, then green, red, and blue. I also remembered how my daughter loved to crack the eggs when she was Emmy’s age. And peel the onions! (I loved that!) I love your Emmy stories. She is quite a wonderful little girl!

  3. Ingrid Schlueter says:

    Hi Judi! That green Pyrex bowl was Tom’s mom’s from when he was a boy. One small piece of continuity in the world! My mom had them also, her largest one, bigger than the green one, was pink, I remember.

  4. Beverley says:

    Way to go Emmy! It’s wonderful that you enjoy blessing others with your baking … and Ingrid, yes, the bowls, helping a young cook with the mixer, cake mixes, etc … brings back many memories for this 57 yr-young farm gal and mother of three adult daughters!

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