Have You Hugged Your Family Today?

Real love can never be stopped by bad circumstances, offenses or perceived offenses, and it always pursues the good of the other. Real love causes family members to reach out when there is wrongdoing. It never stands with crossed arms, waiting for the other party to “fix things.”  And it never ever ignores it when a family member reaches out. Real love is always grounded in truth, not illusions about what went wrong.

This little video clip in the link here shows the bond of dear brothers and family, the real kind of bond that is strong, unbreakable and rooted in genuine love. The video moved me to tears to see brothers like this. I have a precious younger sister like that named Lisa. She has been with me through thick and thin, and she has always been there for me. She knows me, flaws and all, and still loves me, and she has my undying support and love and respect. Thank you, Lisa, for that precious gift of sisterhood.


3 thoughts on “Have You Hugged Your Family Today?

  1. Lisa Turner says:

    Love my sis! We have always been soul sisters from the very beginning. I thank The Lord for giving us the relationship – the FRIENDSHIP – that we share. I will treasure it always.

  2. Carol says:

    Ingrid, I just watched the video clip – so touching! “Tears happen”, the brother said. It is so good when they are tears of joy when family members see each other, the way it should be. Praise God that you and Lisa have that bond.

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