From a Land Once Gripped by Fear

I enjoyed watching this video from our daughter Mary’s homeland, Romania, recently. As America slouches it’s way towards totalitarianism, and as we daily see greater hostility to active Christian faith, other parts of the world are openly allowing Christian expression. In Russia, they are now allowing Bibles in hotel rooms, as you can read about in this report. America is getting rid of theirs, while Russia is apparently making an effort to give access to Bibles.

The video below is another piece of irony. In 1998, Tom went to Romania and visited the brutally ugly buildings of the former communist dictator, Nicolae Ceaușescu, who lived in the lap of luxury while his people starved and disabled children were taken from parents and housed like animals in filthy orphanages.

Today, in the same country where Christians were hunted like vermin and tortured for being Christians, they now feature events like this one at the Romanian State Opera House. Hearing the words, “…and crown Him Lord of All” sung in a place where atheist rulers once crowned themselves “lord of all”, is rich indeed.

How sad that America is just embracing the same philosophy that left untold millions of stacked corpses in the blood-drenched 20th Century. We never learn from history, so we Americans will all learn the hard way.

I hope you enjoy this hymn, sung in freedom, from a land where so many once lived in fear.


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