“No Man Cares for my Soul”

Since posting on the subject of the love missing among Christians, I have heard from several people who are really hurting. One woman in our area has health problems that now keep her from her large, bustling Baptist church that she had been a part of for years. In the several months that have passed since she has had to stop attending church, not one on the large pastoral “team” has bothered to call on her. There is every program you can create at church, but no shepherd has visited and inquired how she is doing physically, let alone spiritually. This is the reality of institutional churches that have everything, but they lack the most important thing of all, the real Jesus.

This clip from Richard Owen Roberts (sent by my UK friend, Teeky,) really gripped me. We have to be the love or there won’t be any. We can’t look to spiritual leadership today, much of which is bankrupt and obsessed with programs and growth and image. We have to each be the love to each other. That’s all of our job in the body of Christ.


6 thoughts on ““No Man Cares for my Soul”

  1. Beverley says:

    Scripturally powerful. Lord, thank you for those who love … those who share lovingly from the HOPE blog. I don’t have many true Christ-like friends. Marital strife soon weeded the true friends out as many within the so-called “church community” did not want to get involved in the messy details of “one anothering”. Speaking of the love of Jesus is allowed, and yes, programs, we need more programs. No one desires to get their hands dirty with the disciplining part of Christian love and calling sinners to repent especially the sinners who brazenly sit in the pews demanding that victims remain quiet. Thank you again, Ingrid (and Teeky) for the reminder of what true Biblical, Christ-honouring love is. You are indeed precious sisters-in-Christ.

  2. Jean Selden says:

    When the love is absent, the fellowship gone, the Word not preached, there is no true church. I am sure there is a remnant scattered throughout the world, but most filling pews of churches have no clue what God required the church to be.

    It is so refreshing to find another true believer. They are few and far between. I am so grateful that Ingrid’s blog exposes some of those few. Sometimes, it is seems as though I am alone in my thinking,but she and her site encourages me.

    Thanks for the video. So perfect for all to hear!

    In Him,
    Jean Selden

  3. Teeky says:

    This excerpt was originally posted on youtube by sonofmyrighthandbjh on youtube. I simply requested his permission to edit it slightly and post it on my webpage!

    In Christ,

  4. Karen Walters says:

    Oh my!! That was so powerful I have a lump in my throat and a conviction in my heart. Thank you so much for sharing that Ingrid. May we all be empowered by His Holy Spirit to truly love one another.
    Until He Returns,

  5. Lynnylou says:

    Thank you for posting this. It’s a sad indictment on all of us who call ourselves Christians. Are we willing to hear God’s call daily to do His Will in that day? I think many of us are assuming God’s Will for Him rather than being ready, being obscure, being unpraised….but being faithful above all. I will add a link to you to my blog http://philippiansfoureight-lynnylou.blogspot.co.uk/ where I give a bit of space to the issues but above all point to the Word of God which never comes back void, is a powerful two-edged Sword and is our Lord Jesus Christ.

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