Meet a Man Who Has Helped Save 1,000 Babies from Abortion in 3 Years

baby1Need to see what Christian love looks like? This wonderful story from should bring a smile and praise to the Lord!

“Between cancer that required four surgeries, two brain aneurisms that required two more surgeries, and an accident when someone ran into his back with a vehicle, leading to yet more surgeries, it’s a marvel that Barros is standing, let alone maintaining the grueling schedule that he does.

Nine hours a day, six days a week, Barros holds vigil outside one of the country’s most notorious late-term abortion mills – the Orlando Women’s Clinic – where he preaches the Gospel and reaches out to abortion-bound women.

But for him, it’s beyond worth it. After all, in the past three years of sidewalk counseling, Barros has helped over 1,000 women change their minds, and keep their babies. But, for all of the hours that he has spent in prayer and outreach outside the clinic, Barros insists that he deserves none of the credit.

The story of every girl who comes to the clinic is different, “but the answer is the same,” he says. “The answer is always found in Jesus Christ. That’s what we’re here for, to lead them, point them to Jesus Christ.” Read full story here.

5 thoughts on “Meet a Man Who Has Helped Save 1,000 Babies from Abortion in 3 Years

  1. bodycrimes says:

    How disappointing. I thought it was going to be an inspiring story about a man who had worked to help women get access to better economic conditions, better health care and good outcomes for their pregnancies and subsequent life. Turns out he’s a man who stands outside clinics yelling at women.

  2. Ingrid Schlueter says:

    “Bodycrimes”, thanks for stopping by. This is the Hope Blog, so our perspective here does not include viewing murder of babies as a viable solution to hard economic times. I read a few of your posts, and we come from diametrically opposite views on a lot of issues. As a female, I find it shameful that many women now believe that having their own child dismembered and discarded is justifiable in any moral sense. Such behavior denies the image of God in mankind, and when we view one human population as disposable, the same worldview ultimately can justify the slaughter of any people group. History is littered with examples of how death as a solution has left piles of corpses behind. 50 million dead Americans from abortion and counting. I praise God for the man who has saved 1,000 lives by his self-sacrifice and commitment, day after day, standing at the gates of hell, and begging for the lives of these precious children. I can only appeal to you to reconsider your view that mothers should destroy the life within them. 30 couples wait every day to adopt a child for every one that is adopted. Only selfishness would cause mother to destroy that life instead.

  3. bodycrimes says:

    I haven’t, in this post, suggested that abortion is right and being pro life is wrong – though we do indeed come from different views. What I’m asking is what the hopeful alternative is that this guy is actually offering. He’s a man who spends his day hectoring women who are making one of the most difficult choices of their lives.

    Nobody wants an abortion. Nobody. Everybody wants to avoid them – so what’s the plan to do that, apart from yelling at women? What is the hopeful alternative being offered?

  4. Ingrid Schlueter says:

    The sidewalk counselors (of which there are many at this clinic) offer help for moms from places like this center here.
    If indeed people just stood around shouting, you would have a point. But these people offer practical help for moms who want to keep their babies, and this organization is offering this help every day outside that clinic. I agree that nobody with genuine Christian love would say to a mother, don’t have an abortion, now go and take care of that child. Many of these women are in truly critical situations with abusive boyfriends, or they’ve been abandoned or have no place to live, etc. That’s why crisis pregnancy centers are on the front lines offering help and hope to mothers, so that death is not viewed as the ultimate solution.

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