Regarding America’s Freefall

I want to share a piece that is off the beaten track on this site, but if we want hope, we need to face real truth. My boss sent me this piece from American Thinker today, and I’ve been mulling it over all morning. It is worth reading through to the end. It’s called The Political Problem of Evil, by Robert Oscar Lopez.

My fear of being associated with God, of talking about God, and of diagnosing the real evil behind what we fight has been not a rational strength, but rather an existential weakness.  To fight what we fight, we have to understand that it is an ancient beast, recorded in the biblical books like Job and Ecclesiastes.  When Ecclesiastes wrote that there was nothing new under the sun, he meant the message for us.  We can’t ignore it. A similar message was meant for us when God asked a beleaguered Job, “Have you an arm like God?  Can you thunder with a voice like Him?” (40:9).  Our political foes are stronger than us, but nobody is stronger than God.  Only if we call upon God will we find any reprieve from the freefall of a postmodern America defined by Obama’s left.


2 thoughts on “Regarding America’s Freefall

  1. Jean Selden says:

    I find so many churchgoers totally oblivious to the depths of darkness that is actively taking away our freedoms. I find these sorts of articles to be frightening, yet a wake-up call that though the battles rage, I will continue to stand on Christ, my Rock. There is no other way.

  2. Ingrid Schlueter says:

    Headlines like this one today are a case in point. When I said free fall, that’s exactly what it is. Our nation’s deadly enemies are well aware of what is happening. Moral corruption and national decline are always found together.

    Here’s one of our Air Force bases hosting drag queens while Christian servicemen and officers are facing discipline for freely expressing their own moral views.

    Meanwhile, mothers taking their little girls to the restroom are faced with this.

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