The Knitting by Valerie Archer

A friend named Valerie Archer from Northern Ireland wrote this when she was a young mother years ago, and I wanted to share it on the Hope Blog.

The Knitting

My mother taught me how to knit.
I loved the cosiness of it !
I loved the needles , the bright yarn,
And it didn’t seem too hard to learn.
My mouth showed firm determination,
My puckered brow fierce concentration.
My needles clicked quite skilfully,
( My mother always guiding me.)

And then she left me on my own.
” There now ,”said she, ” Just carry on! ”
In half an hour or even less
The knitting was in such a mess!
There was a hole where light shone through.
I’d dropped some stitches ,made some too !
I struggled on and fussed and fussed,
Then threw it down in great disgust.

My mother came back in a while,
Looked at the knitting with a smile
And said,” I know it’s hard to do.
Give it to me.I’ll fix it for you. ”
I saw her nimble fingers race.
The stitches all fell into place
And soon I quite forgot to pout,
Watching my mother sort it out.

Today I’ve harder things to do.
Encouragements are very few.
I say : ” I don’t have what it takes.
I keep on making these mistakes.
Just see, Lord, how I’ve got it muddled.
My powers are weak, my mind befuddled.
So now I give the mess to You
To sort it out and help me through. ”

” I think you’ll smile as Mother did,
Not punish nor me upbraid.
You know that I have much to learn.
To glorify Your name I yearn.
My failures, Lord, and my distress
Call forth Your love and tenderness.
To You my work I’m now committing.
Fix it as Mother fixed the knitting

From day to day help me progress.
In me develop skilfulness.
From time to time remind me too
That I do better close to You
May every stitch and every row
Be done for You , Your glory show
And when it’s finished may it still
Accomplish Your eternal will.

~ Valerie Archer



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