The Eli Project

Once in a while one single story has the power to make you forget a lot of the ugly for a little while. This is it. God’s  work done through human hands.

Washington, DC (LiveActionNews) — Katie was an orphan in Bulgaria, and at the age of nine, she weighed just 10.5 pounds. She and the other children in the orphanage were left Katie-in-orphanage-eli-projectin cribs at all times, fed a liquid diet (on which many choked, and some even aspirated it to the point of death).
KatieBecause of this abuse, Katie had severe protein-energy malnutrition, severe anemia, severe osteoporosis, multiple spinal compression fractures, scurvy, and atrophic skin. But even with all of these medical concerns, Katie was still a wanted child.

She now lives the United States with her adoptive family and is receiving proper medical care as well as an abundance of love and kindness. Children like Katie are able to find homes thanks to the generous devotion of organizations like Eli Project. Read the full story here.

In the adoption paperwork we evaluated from Eastern Europe, a state social worker wrote in one report about a disabled child, “Not a person of full value.” I’ll never forget thinking what a terrible lie that was. Every child is of infinite value to God and should be to us.

One thought on “The Eli Project

  1. Beverley says:

    Thank you for bringing attention to the Eli Project and Katie’s story. Ingrid, you stated it well, “God’s work done through human hands.”

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