Another Take on Bad Language

swearingIt’s in vogue now for F-bombs to fly in casual conversation. In fact, foul language is so commonplace that I think somebody will have to invent new words to replace the overused ones that no longer have any shock value.

I was thinking about how many professing Christians would never use an F-bomb or curse anyone using the aforementioned words. In some conservative religious circles, even the use of the words “heck” and “darn” would be frowned upon as “minced oaths”, as they used to be called years ago. The use of our Savior’s name or the term “God” to curse or as an expletive would be completely unacceptable. A blasphemy.

Yet the truth is that taking God’s name in vain is far more than cursing with the mouth. Any time we claim to be Christians and live a lie, we are blaspheming and cursing. Any time a person hates another, falsely accuses another, spreads slander and lies while claiming to know Jesus and even evangelizing others,  it is using God’s name in vain. Worse still, it is using God’s name to endorse their evil conduct.

So yes,  it is possible to swear and blaspheme with our lives, not just our mouths. A person claiming to be a Christian believer who will not forgive and holds grudges, hurts others without a conscience and pitches blame on the other party as a way of life is bringing shame on Christ in front of the world and the church. That kind of “language” from our lives will stay in the minds of witnesses far longer than a verbal curse or foul word. Christian fundamentalism pays a great deal of attention to external standards. Failure to look more deeply into the heart and our inside reality results in grotesque hypocrisy. May God keep us all from this error.

2 thoughts on “Another Take on Bad Language

  1. Ingrid Schlueter says:

    Don’t listen to the thugs in the church, both the kind who swear with their mouths and the kind who swear with their lives.

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