Amazing Armadillos

“Mama, armadillos hunt all night. They don’t see very well, and they have sticky tongues to collect insects and things.”

Emily made this startling disclosure while eating her oatmeal this morning. She had learned it from one of her favorite PBS programs, along with words like “species” and “hypothesis.”

We watched some armadillo videos today, including this one below. I haven’t seen one since my days in south Texas where they were frequently roadkill on the highways. What funny and interesting creatures they are. The Aztecs used to call them a name that meant “turtle rabbits.” They’re a strange combination of creatures in appearance. Little armored tanks with snouts. The diversity of God’s creation never ceases to amaze me.

One thought on “Amazing Armadillos

  1. Carol says:

    Yes, God’s creation is amazing. I remember visiting Florida and seeing these strange, interesting creatures for the first time as they walked along the shoulder of the road. It was so very different from the groundhogs and deer along side the roads in New Jersey. I felt almost like I was in another country!

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