75 Years Together, and Then They Died One Day Apart

I saw this beautiful story today.

A husband and wife who were born on the same day and celebrated their 75th wedding anniversary last year have died just a day apart. The couple’s son Les Brown Jr said that 94-year-old Helen Brown died on July 16 and 94-year-old Les Brown died on July 17 in southern California. (Read the story here.)

The couple married out of high school at 18 and eloped after their parents objected to their elderly-coupleworking class daughter marrying the son of a wealthy family. They were afraid it wouldn’t last! Well, last it did, for 75 years with hardly a day apart.

I love the black and white photo in the story especially. The eyes and set of the young man’s chin speak of purpose and intelligence and maturity. Young people sure grew up faster back then. No waiting until 35 for adulthood to kick in. They matured as they took on adult responsibility. They didn’t hook up for 15 years with multiple partners, abort the human consequences, contract a few STD’s, and then decide to settle down. Things have not improved with our adult-io-lescence phase that is destructive in so many areas.

Young couples can still take on adult responsibility at an early age, but there are a lot more obstacles today, including the curse of school debt that plagues many, the shortage of bread winning jobs even if there’s a college degree in place, the cost of housing and medical care among a lot of other things.  But where there is a will, there’s a way. Many couples start out with expectations of what they have to have, including a certain standard of living they have not yet earned. If you have to have all the technology bells and whistles, have to purchase a home, drive newer cars, etc., you will have a long while to afford it all. But modest and frugal young people can still establish their families early if they use wisdom, spend carefully, save money and above all, delay gratification.

Our 25-year-old son and his wife are such a couple. They are careful about spending and don’t buy unnecessary things, they don’t have a television or internet at home, they watch for bargains and don’t have to buy new. As a result, they have been able to build their family together from a young age with God at the center. We are very proud of their maturity and godly priorities, despite the constant siren song of the materialism in our culture.

I hope you enjoy this story as I did. I love the photo of the wife with her hand on her husband’s face. A tender photo of true love between husband and wife after 75 years. They died within a day of each other, because neither could imagine life without the other.

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