Emmy’s Birthday Party

Emily had a birthday party today and, for the fourth year in a row, Aunt Kris did her usual magic with cake decorating. Last year it was a flower garden on the cake, this year, it was a requested Hello Kitty! cake. She also brought homemade cookies and had Emily decorate them in Hello Kitty! style. We had a lively household with baby Peter adding to the excitement. Tom introduced our grandson to our boys’ old (and vast) Hot Wheel collection. Little Peter already knows how to make car noises, and he was thrilled to see all the little cars waiting for future fun.

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3 thoughts on “Emmy’s Birthday Party

  1. Beverley says:

    Happy Birthday, Emily! Thank you for sharing photos of such a special day. Oh, such beautiful innocence seen in the faces of Emily and Peter … such fun to have a talented Auntie! Tom & Ingrid, May the Lord continue to sustain and bless you and your family of disciples!

  2. Ingrid Schlueter says:

    Thank you, Beverly. It was a happy evening. Mike and Kris bring so much love and laughter to our home. They will never know just how big a blessing they have been to all of us all these years. Kris was here when Emily was born 4 years ago. We had had a terrible flood in June that turned our basement into a lake. Tom’s music and trumpets and so many things were soaked, papers, bills, boxes soaked. Kris came up here, as I was on bedrest with Emily, and literally saved us. Tom and the kids and Kris had to carry everything out of the basement, and we had to have all the drywall, carpet, etc. replaced, throw out so much ruined stuff, etc. It was nightmarish. In the middle of that, our air conditioning died in the middle of the worst heat we’d had in a long time. There I was, expectant, with the house smelling like mildew from the basement in the heat, our stuff all over the place, bills for all the repairs being handed over. It was such a dark time, but Mike and Kris saved us. Literally, we had no other help, and we were so very grateful. This time of year, I think of Emily being born, but I also think of all the preceded it and how we were blessed through Mike and Kris and their love. That’s what real family is.

  3. Beverley says:

    Ingrid, thank you for sharing this moment in time. This love of family that Mike & Kris lived out is pure from the heart of God. I must confess to having a very strong aversion to flooding. We have had some close calls where we were on our hands and knees bailing water out as the sump pump couldn’t keep up but we have not had anything major. Each story of flood victims tugs at my heart. As I suffer with extreme fatigue at times, I can only imagine your emotion of helplessness as you were ordered to bedrest and yet the house is floating away! I’m tired just thinking about it! Yes, Emily’s birthday will be remembered in many ways. Thank you Lord for such love.

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