Festive Weekend Ahead

I’m busy planning a birthday party for Emily. There’s going to be a special Hello Kitty! cake decorated by the incomparable cake decorator, Aunt Kris. Uncle Mike and Aunt Kris are coming to celebrate Emily turning 4. There will be balloons and pink ice cream as well, and the birthday girl has picked out her (pink) dress she would like to wear.

Four is a wonderful age when the vocabulary and intellect of a child are growing almost daily. Questions, questions and more questions. Today, first thing, it was, “Why do birds have beaks?” Emily is using big words she picks up which makes for entertaining conversation. She is still singing her “sagas” as I call them, where she puts her days adventures and ideas into a long, chanted type song that sometimes goes on for a long time! At the end, she bows and says, “Thank you, thank you,” as we applaud. There’s never a dull moment.

Vacation Bible School is looming in August, and then the fun of 4K after Labor Day. She can’t wait to get back to her preschool friends. She is a very social and friendly child. It’s interesting to see each child’s personality develop as they grow. They are like little flowers that open up in the sunshine of love and encouragement. She spends much time at the piano playing thirds and fifths. I have a hunch there’s musical interests developing. She loves to move to music and express herself that way also. If you watch a child closely, he or she will tell you what their interests are, and sometimes, there are surprises! (Like Sam’s bagpipe playing, for example!)

This is my favorite photo taken by Will when Emmy was about three weeks old. It always makes me think of the song, “Beautiful Dreamer.”


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