A Couple of Things

I try to keep things here inspirational, positive or just family-related. I do, however, come across articles on a daily basis for the job that I do for radio. Some of these articles tie in with home, family and spiritual themes. I share many of these on Facebook with those who follow, but have not put many on the Hope Blog. I’ll share a couple of them today. I have not had time (pretty obviously) to do much with this blog in recent months, but I want to either improve it or dump it. So I’ll begin sharing some things here that may or may not be of interest, depending on who’s reading.

Here’s a blog post about why children have become so sexualized in this country. It’s from the Political Outcast blog. Chris raises some great questions.

My own answer to that question about the sexualization of children is this. People got used to it. People can get used to anything after a while, even the stench of an open sewer if they’re around it long enough. Rather than look at their own hearts and child rearing, they just kept lowering the age of sex ed to where at one (Lutheran) school my children attended, they wanted to do cartoon diagrams on the classroom screen of sexual parts for second graders. Instead of revolting against the moral squalor, everybody just accommodated it, thinking that teaching condom use to children would solve the problem. Instead, we have elementary kids sexting and reading Mommy’s copy of 50 Shades of Grey smuggled into their backpacks. We should be on our faces asking God for forgiveness for allowing this to happen to our children. Instead we just put morning after pills at Walgreens so 12-year-olds can pop them after encounters in the school stairwell. God help the children.

On a related theme, the New York Times just ran a piece detailing the end of the dating culture on campus and the revelation that women have learned to play the (hook-up) game. It really is the logical result of what I just mentioned, the early sexualizing of children. It also reflects the achievement at all costs mindset among women now in elite colleges who see sex is just a physical urge to fulfill while they plan their high-powered careers. I am not going to link to the NY Times piece. You can find it online if you choose. Instead, I will link to this response from Patheos by someone who sees the destructive nature of this whole worldview of young women. And make no mistake, it will result in personal destruction for women who embrace this lie about sexuality.

Feel free to send me feedback if you would like to see some of these meaningful articles. There are countless outlets for such material online, but occasionally, I see something I’d like to comment on personally. I won’t turn this into a news blog, that’s for sure! This is, after all, the Hope Blog! Now back to the birthday preparations.

10 thoughts on “A Couple of Things

  1. The Master's Slave says:

    Good article and thanks for bringing this into the light. It’s getting worse for us and our children and one day in the future, women will rule with an iron fist and men will be destroyed.

  2. Judi Hayes says:

    “…but I want to either improve it or dump it.”–Please, No! Ingrid. Don’t dump it. It is always encouraging to me, and I enjoy the hodge-podge of whatever’s on your mind whenever you do post. Thank you.

  3. Tina says:

    Listening to you on Crosstalk, you became a friend. Following your Slice postings, I allowed you to the “dirty work” and keep me abreast of many false teachings and dangerous trends in the church and beyond. Your Hope Blog has often been a source of hope and pointing to the Lord during difficult times. You have become my friend. Thank you for your faithfulness and example of clinging to the Gospel as one’s only source of hope.

    You would be greatly missed if you ended this blog as I chose not to use Facebook. My vote is “yes” to continue.


  4. Ingrid Schlueter says:

    Thank you! I have been working for nearly a year for Salem Radio Network for the Janet Mefferd Show, their flagship issues program heard each day around the country in major markets. Each day, I am on the news sites getting news and articles for the host! Click on the photo of Janet at this site linked below to see her show page. The show is heard 3-hours daily and is streamed for listeners anywhere to listen. Janet was a reader of my Slice Blog several years ago. She is the most astute and articulate host on issues, whether the emergent church, aberrant spiritual trends in evangelicalism, issues regarding the family and the entire political scene. She was a religion reporter for papers like the Dallas Morning News for many years. Working for Janet has been a wonderful experience for me. It’s amazing how God provides.


  5. Steve says:

    “… the destructive nature of this whole worldview of young women. And make no mistake; it will result in personal destruction for women who embrace this lie about sexuality.”
    In the long run, this will inevitably result in the personal destruction of everyone involved. In the short run, women who embrace this lie will be rewarded. This is nothing new. The New York Times is behind the times. This has been going on at least since I was old enough to be aware of it, and I was somewhat naïve.
    Most folks have no idea how thoroughly destructive this is. People falsely believe that as long as they are discreet about it, nobody gets hurt, but as usual, it most negatively affects innocent bystanders. Even pastors, who have not endured any personal heartbreak specifically related to promiscuity, sometimes tend to downplay the sixth commandment because “sin is sin and all are forgiven”, and “judge not, lest ye be judged”, etc. But the sixth commandment is as important as the other nine.
    If I, as the most politically incorrect man currently on the planet may speak frankly, I must confess I find all of this promiscuity to be a HUGE TURN-OFF, disgusting, even repulsive. I have long ago lost any interest. According to the world, this makes me the sinner, or more likely they would say “unhealthy”, for thinking it, God forbid saying it.

  6. Tim B says:

    Ingrid–I would like to see more articles as well as you continuing the Hope Blog. I am not on Facebook and would miss the connection and insight your blog offers. Thank you.

    Tim B.

  7. Ingrid Schlueter says:

    Thanks, Tim! I thought about using a different blog site for articles I find that are helpful, but rather than bite off more than I can chew, I’ll put them here for now as I find them. I don’t want to give off a negative tone at this site, so I’ll try not to overwhelm the more positive things here with negative articles, but if I think there is something significant spiritually or related to family/church, etc., I’ll post it. Our hope is in the truth, and God, the source of all truth. So my Hope Blog designation won’t change!

  8. Rose says:

    I am not on Facebook either and would really miss the Hope Blog. Whatever you deem appropriate to post here, I know I will benefit from reading it…and be encouraged as well. Love this blog!

  9. Carol says:

    Ingrid. Thanks for this post! I’m so glad to hear about your new job! God is Good and He provides! I was sad to hear that you are thinking about stopping this blog. Hope you don’t!

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