A Burst of Joy

The gift of music brings so much joy. There are times when the darkness in this world threatens to overwhelm and then good music, as it has been said so well, brings a burst of the eternal into our temporal condition and causes us to look up to its source, God.

Will tonight provided another such joyful burst on the mighty Schantz pipe organ at Gesu Church in downtown Milwaukee after attending a concert. (It’s the biggest organ in our state of Wisconsin.) Here he plays a piece that is so bright and brilliant. (And to me it is just mind blowing how fast he plays,—a little faster than necessary, I might add!)  This is the Dubois Toccata. It brought a smile to our faces! +Soli Deo Gloria!+

5 thoughts on “A Burst of Joy

  1. Paul says:

    I always love watching/hearing Will play on the videos you share with us on the blog. Thank you! -Paul.

  2. Carol says:

    Praising the Lord will always lift us up as we lift Him up. It was meant to! Isaiah 61:3

  3. Steve says:

    Thanks for posting this. As it so happens, and I’m finding very few things just ‘so happen’, we were discussing Bach’s Christmas Oratorio last Sunday. This got me to wondering if “The Seven Last Words of Christ” was one of Bach’s oratorios. I see now that Dubois composed one of several settings with this title, his being an oratorio.

  4. Yaddy says:

    beautifully played and no music to read from….so all in his head…..gloriously done!

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