3 thoughts on “Happy Father’s Day to the Dad of our Home

  1. Ingrid Schlueter says:

    One of life’s great sad ironies is that there are men who wanted to be fathers more than anything and were denied that chance for one reason or another. Yet we have fathers all over America who have children and grandchildren and who have bigger fish to fry. They don’t care about their own. They literally have other interests more compelling. When a Christian father does not care about his own family, his pride is more important, being right is more important, his image is more important, his work is more important, his hobbies are more important, he makes a joke of his “love” for God. Listen, sir, you can’t love your own family, don’t tell me about loving a “God” you have never laid eyes on. God’s love is manifested by loving the family God gave you.The ones in front of you. Don’t bray about evangelism, reaching others for Christ if you don’t have the slightest love in your heart to love your own. You are a fraud. And why would anybody want this Jesus you speak of if you, Christ’s follower, abandon, neglect and mistreat your own? You defame God’s character in front of your own offspring and the world with your false version of Christianity.

    Much has been criticized about the slogan, “Preach the gospel and if necessary, use words.” But I disagree. Your gospel is a meaningless bunch of sky pixie nonsense if the reality behind the scenes is a broken, loveless family. Preach the Gospel, and then live it, or be quiet. Pull the plug. Go home to those who matter and for whom you will give an account.

    Rant over. 🙂

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