Grace: It’s a Relationship

prodigal-son-1I came across a good article today on the subject of grace. That is a subject I have struggled greatly to understand in my life, and I think many of us get it wrong in one direction or another.

The two troubled sons in Jesus’ parable of the Prodigal Son didn’t understand grace either. (Yes, both sons were troubled.) Dr. David Orrison very simply spells it out. He writes:


“There are believers who do not seem to believe they are under grace. They continue to live according to the law. Their lives are built around standards and rules and principles and they struggle to feel good enough. Their hearts are often filled with work and resentment.

There are other believers who use the idea of grace to celebrate rebellion. They let themselves experience things that were forbidden under law and rejoice to feel no guilt. They push boundaries and standards to the side as they enjoy their new life apart from the law. But they sometimes find themselves in bondage to masters more cruel than the law ever was.”

You can read the brief article here at the Recovering Grace website.

4 thoughts on “Grace: It’s a Relationship

  1. Teeky says:

    Dearest Ingrid, I believe that understanding Law and Grace is one of the most neglected and misunderstood subjects in the church today! Unfortunately most preachers either over complicate the issue (usually because they themselves don’t understand it) or grossly minimize it (usually because they don’t care much for it). I personally believe these to be very grave and dangerous positions to take on such fundamental, practical Christian issues!

    Dear Ingrid please also find the link for The Sanctuary Conference, which has now been completed BY GOD’S GRACE! I praise God for the story behind this name (from your writing).

    God bless you!

  2. Ingrid Schlueter says:

    Teeky, what a joy to see your conference site. I love what you wrote in the About page. Like cool water on a scorching day.

    Your whole conference reminds me of the song, “Hiding Place.” There is rest and a shelter for the people of God. Thank you for reminding us all of that fact. My heart will be there with you in September. How wonderful if we could have something similar in our area for sheep with broken limbs and hearts.

  3. Teeky says:

    Thank you so much Ingrid for your kind and encouraging words …they really lifted my heart when I read them yesterday! Really wish you could be there in September! Maybe next year? (lololol) … well we can all dream can’t we!

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