Joy Blips

031Every so often at the Hope Blog, I post “joy blips” — little things that bring a smile to my face  and heart, things that happen in the course of an ordinary day.

Here are a few blips on my life radar.

Emily told me this morning, “I love your more than a cricket can squeak!” That made me smile!

The woman in the red car in front of me at the coffee shop drive-through paid for my coffee this morning.  I got to the window and the lady said, “Your coffee is already paid for!” It’s the second time this has happened to me in the last few months. I returned the favor to someone a few weeks ago. Just a little joy blip, hopefully, on that woman’s radar, too.

Tom had an unexpected night off from the six-week long music job he’s playing. He whisked me away last night, and we had a sandwich and conversation without one, single interruption from anybody in a nearly deserted Arby’s, at a table in the corner. I was reminded once again of how thankful I am for Tom.

School is nearly out! No more taxi mom every morning. Preschool is out, Will is going to be done after 3 days of exams next week. That is a very happy thought.

We have the Crazy Season coming up on a different front, however, but it’s a happy one. We have the most amazing number of birthdays, holidays and anniversaries coming up, it’s nearly unbelievable. We’re doing 2 double parties to celebrate. Sam and Will’s birthdays come first, then Peter’s first birthday party and Tom’s all in one. So we are a partying bunch here for several weeks. Sanity doesn’t resume until after September. And our second grandbaby is to arrive that month, so there will be 2 in September soon!

We are going to shop today for a basket of pink geraniums. I have a black thumb, meaning that I am not very good at keeping plants alive. Emily, however, has asked if she could have some flowers to take care of this summer. She has a small, personal watering can and would like to have some flowers. I figured that geraniums are hardy enough to survive us. Maybe Emily will have a green thumb and flowers will thrive. There was a frost warning last night in our area (unbelievably), but I think geraniums will be OK now that June is almost here.

Here’s joy from Jesus. “The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I came that they may have life, and have it more abundantly.” ~ John 10:10

Do you have any joy blips today? Life is mostly made up of many small things, and in these small things we can usually find something to smile about!

5 thoughts on “Joy Blips

  1. Judi Hayes says:

    Yes! I do! The frost/freeze warning with temps down in the 20’s DIDN’T happen last night and was changed to a low of 42 degrees for tonight. I asked the LORD to please not let it happen, the lilacs are just set to bloom, cherry and crabapples are blooming now. THANK YOU, LORD! (Not a big thing in the whole scheme of things, but I am glad!) My daughter is upstairs playing hymns on her saxophone and practicing viola. I love to hear her practice. All throughout my home are vases of spring flowers: a vase of white narcissi on the kitchen table, branches of cherry blossoms on the foyer table, a bouquet of mixed spring blooms including tulips, dafffodils, bleeding hearts blue grape hyacinths, white narcissi, lilacs on the diningroom table, and on the ledge in front of the kitchen sink four small vases with different spring blooms in each as I wash the dishes and look out at the clear blue sky, green grass, and sunshine. Makes me smile. Thankful for the LORD’s lovely graces.

  2. Francesca says:

    Remember to post pics of that darling Emily with her watering can and flowers. 🙂

  3. Lisa Green Kentala says:

    We almost had frost last night too – I have a few hanging baskets of flowers – thankfully they seem fine today. I bought another today with bright red geraniums – so cheerful! I also have a black thumb! That’s why I stick with hanging baskets 🙂

  4. bren says:

    I was very tired from a hard days work at the tearoom I operate. Besides preparing food for my usual lunch crowd I also had to cater a wedding. Early evening footsteps woke me while I was napping .One of my precious grandsons entered the room with a fist full of fresh flowers . Words cannot explain the joy I felt . Not sure what pleased me most the beautiful flowers or the smile on his handsome face. My God is so good. Bren

  5. Donna says:

    It has been a day full of job blips. And right now, I am having a cup of tea and a date cookie. Blip!

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