Standing Steadfast and Bringing God Glory

steadfast1It isn’t what the enemies of Christ out in the secular world are doing that is the biggest part of the discouragement in these times. The greatest disillusionment, the greatest shock and devastation comes with watching those who professed Christ give up, walk away, and then repudiate all they once believed.

Just in a matter of a few weeks’ time, there has been another rash of this among people and ministries we have known. It’s a deeply depressing time.

In Matthew, Chapter 24, Jesus Christ foretold of a time that directly describes the days in which we live. A significant verse is this one, “And because sin will grow worse and worse, the love of many will grow cold.”

In the middle of moral and spiritual anarchy, and I’m talking about the church now, the profaning of holy things, and the rejecting of the eternal verities, it is not difficult to understand why many bewildered Christians are wondering what it is all about. So much senseless, gratuitous ugliness and brokenness among Christians, in spite of so many claims of Christ’s great power. So little power is seen. At least the kind that comes from above. It can be embittering.

I read this quote today from one of my favorite teachers of the last century, T. Austin Sparks. He describes the right response to darkness around us and in our own lives which is sometimes so inexplicable and so difficult to deal with, day after day.

The glory of God is manifested by every victory won, by every standing steadfast, by every refusing to give up; the Name is saved from dishonor, and the Lord Himself, the Christ of God who bears that Name is vindicated before angels and before demons. There are elements of mystery about it, why it should be necessary, but there it is.” T. Austin Sparks, from his sermon, “The House, the Name and the Glory”

Even in these very difficult days, we can continue to bring glory to God by not moving, not giving in to depression and discouragement, and by setting our eyes on the Savior. This life is brief. Eternity is forever. We can bring glory to God here and then rejoice in His presence for all eternity. This is our Christian calling. Each day, we can make the decision to either give in to our discouragement or to stand steadfast and glorify God before other people, before angels and those spirits below. Will we glorify God today with our lives?

Therefore, my beloved brethren, be steadfast, immovable, always abounding in the work of the Lord, knowing that your toil is not in vain in the Lord.~ I Corinthians 15:58

4 thoughts on “Standing Steadfast and Bringing God Glory

  1. Teeky says:

    Myself and another brother are currently working on a simple website for “The Sanctuary Conference which should be up and running in a few weeks (the name of course having been inspired by one of your blogs!).

    However after just reading this particular post, it really had a profound impact upon my heart… I would like to ask your permission to make this powerful post available on the website?

  2. Teeky says:

    Thank you so much! Would you please pray for this conference, that The Lord will come and meet with His people, comfort, admonish and knit our hearts together in true unity at this wicked, peverse and very dark time?

    Please my friend, I really covet your prayers… because if God Himself doesn’t come… what’s the point really?

  3. bren says:

    I was talking with a friend yesterday and I shared with her my joy of looking for our Lords return she is a believer but was a little shocked that I was truly watching for His return. Thats how I get through the dark days. My eyes are fixed on Jesus. Thanks for all you do, you are a blessing.In Christ love, Bren

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