In Memory – George Beverly Shea

Now in heaven after 104 years. George Beverly Shea, by all accounts, was just as kind as he seemed. His daughter said so at the NRB Covention birthday celebration for him years ago that I attended. His music blessed so many all over the world, and his music blessed me. It wasn’t a show, he wasn’t there to promote himself or be “relevant.” He sang about Jesus, straight out, no pretense or flash. And now he sees his Savior face to face.

3 thoughts on “In Memory – George Beverly Shea

  1. Lori Glass says:

    How wonderful that George Beverly Shea used his singing talent for the Lord and because of technology we can continue to be blessed by his singing.

  2. Lois D says:

    I always enjoyed listening to George Beverly Shea and look forward to meeting him ‘by and by’!
    Ingrid, you pointed out something about Mr. Shea that I always appreciated. He may have been singing in front of thousands, but his purpose was to sing to, and for, the only One that matters. Mr. Shea would almost start exiting the podium before he finished his last note. Sadly, not so nowadays with so many Christian ‘performers’.

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