Paintings of Quiet

The scenes painted by Danish Painter, Carl Holsoe, depict a quietness that is very restful to the soul. When the noise of life becomes unbearable, it isn’t just the written word that can create a little island of serenity. Paintings can do the same. Nobody paints a spirit of “quiet” like Holsoe does. Here are a few of my favorites. The Mother and Child scene makes me think of my little daughter at my knee.

The light in these paintings and the tall ceilings in the rooms give the feeling of space and peace in these domestic scenes.






3 thoughts on “Paintings of Quiet

  1. bgraner says:

    I’m sure you’re aware of another Dutch painter, the famous Vermeer. He also painted many people, especially women, next to windows. His work is very tranquil and an insight into domestic life in the 1600’s.

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