The Many Moods of Emmy

Emmy put together her outfit for the photo. Her now tattered tutu has had much use. She is wearing what she calls her “Shirley Dimple” shoes. I can’t bring myself to tell her it’s “Shirley Temple” not “Dimple.” There’s time enough. These fleeting moments are so precious with our children. We have to savor them while we can.

EmmyFebruary3 EmmyFebruary2 EmmyFebrary1

8 thoughts on “The Many Moods of Emmy

  1. Ingrid Schlueter says:

    Hi Kathy and Lori, it’s funny because in April of 2009, before Emmy was born, I posted a piece on my belief that Emmy was going to be a girly girl.

    I was only writing tongue in cheek, as I half expected her to turn out to be a tomboy with so many brothers in her life. But my piece was spot on. She is very much a Mama’s girl which suits me just fine. Every child is a blessing, even though as an older mom, I sometimes wonder how I will find the strength for needs ahead. Then I remember, God gives us the strength for each hour, and with that we have to be content.

  2. Carol says:

    Emmy is delightful! One day at a time, Ingrid! You can do it with the Lord’s help! The Spirit of God does not lead us where the Spirit of God cannot keep us!

  3. Kris says:

    What happened to Emmy that was a baby in arms yesterday? She looks so
    grown up. So glad you get to enjoy time with her each day. They grown
    up so fast. Truly a blessing from God! X’s & O’s from Oklahoma

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