A Different Lullaby

Last night I posted a Welsh folk song and lullaby familiar to many. Tonight I am posting a more contemporary lullaby I have loved from the time I first heard it many years ago. The songwriter wrote it for his little girl he would tuck into bed each night. Many lullabies are written from a mother’s perspective. This one is different and very beautiful.


2 thoughts on “A Different Lullaby

  1. Sam says:

    One thing that saddens me about our culture is that singing is almost the exclusively the domain of so-called “artists.” No one sings anymore simply for the joy of singing. If we want music, we listen to someone else. It shouldn’t be this way! I am a horrible singer (I can’t hit notes for anything), but if I could sing, I would. Singing shouldn’t be relegated to experts. We should all sing—it’s part of being human. Thanks for sharing this. 🙂

  2. Ingrid Schlueter says:

    It’s true. Before media ruined everything, people used to gather around a piano for fun and sing folk songs, popular music and even hymns. There was a common musical language that wasn’t age segregated. Now society is broken down into subcultures and besides that, there’s nothing to sing in the true sense of the word in the world of rap and audio swill presently in vogue. I sing to Em all the time, tunefully or not. Every night before bed, she wants a song or two. Tom even sings something to her sometimes and that always makes me smile. “You are my sunshine” was once a popular song sung by all ages. I sing that to Em, along with, “Tell me why the stars do shine, tell me why the ivy twines, tell me why the skies are blue, and I will tell you why I love you…” Who cares what the culture is doing. We can still sing to our children and keep the practice alive. Em makes up her own songs anyway. They are more saga then song, LOL! She tells long stories on a single note sometimes, like a Viking chant. 😉 Must be in her genes.

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