2 thoughts on “Amazing Love of God

  1. Lois D says:

    Ingrid, thank you for posting this video of G. B. Shea’s rendition of “The Love of God”. I weep everytime I hear this hymn. It blesses me so. Plus, it reminds me of my late Mom, who went Home over eleven years ago. I still miss her each day…
    She used to sing this hymn. It was one of her favorites. In fact, when she was a young woman, she sang in a quartet. This was one of their songs which they sung on the local radio show out of Bridgeport, Conn. every week. They even made a recording, which I wish I had now. In any event, thank you again. It is such a blessing to come to your site and hear beloved hymns AND your son Will’s beautiful organ music as well.

  2. Lori Glass says:

    I tried to make a comment yesterday but did something wrong. I too think of my mom when I hear George Beverly Shea sing.Mom had records of G.B.S. so when ever I hear him sing it takes me back to my childhood. Listening to good Christian music in the home is a great way to grow up.

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