Jen Wilkin – Why Bible Study Doesn’t Transform Us

open-bibleIn a quest for good articles for my radio job, I ran across an article by Jen Wilkin which I found very helpful, “Why Bible Study Doesn’t Transform Us.” How we  handle the Scriptures in our study is important.

How many times have you heard verses taken out of context and applied to situations that had nothing to do with the passage’s original intent? How many Bible studies or classes have you attended where it was little more than, “Well, here’s what this passage means to me.” Or how many books and resources are “me” centered, turning Bible study into a therapeutic, self-help manual. How many times have we randomly opened the Bible looking for something to help make a decision or answer a crisis?

Jen Wilkin writes:

Much of what passes for Bible study in Christian bookstores and church resource libraries just isn’t: while it may educate us on a doctrine or a topic, it does little to further our Bible literacy. And left to our own devices, we pursue a host of unsavory (and un-transformative) self-constructed approaches to “spending time in the Word.

Here’s the article from the Gospel Coalition. I hope it’s a help.