One thought on “Christmas Joy

  1. Beverley Wilson says:

    Dear Ingrid,
    I know this is way past Christmas but Christ reigns every day! The family photos are very precious and I feel myself drawn to look at them often. I pray that my home will be a haven of love such as I have witnessed from your photos. Presently, my family does not want to spend much time with me as I am considered too religious. May the Lord protect and continue to work in the hearts of those you love … I have always appreciated your insight and encouragement from the Scriptures; your faithfulness to your husband, Tom and your family is a wonderful example for all. This is not meant to be flattery; I speak from the heart. The Lord has gifted you in many ways and it is a blessing to see how you are able to still serve your family and friends and yet encourage many of us lost sheep without shepherds.

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