A Thought on Marriage

‎”Marriage is a call to die [to self], and a man who does not die for his wife does not come close to the love to which he is called” —R. Kent Hughes as quoted in The Shepherd Leader at Home

When a man loves his wife like Christ loves the church, the home becomes a foretaste of heaven. When a man lives for himself, his ambitions, his desires and goals and uses his wife like an appliance to facilitate this, he creates a foretaste of hell on earth. A normal woman will respond to loving headship, and an atmosphere of love and respect is created.

Children will carry these images of husband and wife  into their own marriages. What kind of a picture are we giving our children? A picture of constant suffering and mental anguish, unforgiveness and pain? Or are we giving them the beauty of forgiveness, reconciliation, love and tenderness?

All of the correct doctrine of the Christian faith taught as theory will not counterbalance a wrong marital picture in the minds of children. They know at a deep level what they see. The old saying is true. “What we are screams so loud that nobody hears what we’re saying.”  Something to remember as parents.

Only God can help any of us love as He loves. We will fail at times, but God help us if we fail and feel no qualms of conscience about it. We will sin, but God help us if we refuse to repent when we do. The hallmark of a man or woman of God is not sinless perfection. It is the presence of a living and active conscience that cannot rest until things are made right. Those who sleep well when things are shattered cannot know the Christ of Calvary, no matter what their lips profess.

2 thoughts on “A Thought on Marriage

  1. carolyn says:

    They honor Me with their lips but their hearts are far from Me.

    All of the correct doctrine of the Christian faith taught as theory will not counterbalance hypocrisy and graceless, unChristlike behavior of any manner.

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