Come, All Who Are Thirsty


Isaiah 55*

THE refreshing waters are offered to “everyone” that is thirsty. The evangel is like some clear bugle peal, sounded on some commanding upland, and which is heard alike in palace and cottage, in school and at the mill, by the child of plenty and by the child of want. “Ho, everyone!” The appeal is to the common heart, whether the setting be squalor or splendour, whether the soul faints in the glare of the prosperous noon, or under the chill of the burdensome night. “Ho, everyone that thirsteth!”

And the waters may be ours “without money and without price.” We have not to earn them by the sweat of body, mind, or soul. We have not to make a toilsome pilgrimage, on bleeding feet, to some distant Lourdes, where the sacred healer abides. No, we are asked to pay nothing, and for the simple reason that we “have nothing wherewith to pay.” The reviving grace is given to us “freely,” and all that we have to present is our thirst.

And yet we spend and spend, we labour and labour, but we buy no bread of contentment, and the waters of satisfaction are far away. The satisfying bread cannot be bought; it can only be begged. The water of life cannot be taken from a cistern; it must be drunk at the spring.

J H Jowett

*The devotional had published the wrong reference which is now corrected.

3 thoughts on “Come, All Who Are Thirsty

  1. Holly says:

    I’m not sure, but I believe the reference here should be Isaiah chapter 55. This is one of my favorite passages. Jesus is available without cost. He will save all who come asking for forgiveness for sin. Why do people look for what won’t satisfy? We can go to God’s Word for nourishment and hope.

  2. terriergal says:

    Beautiful devotional! And Amen to what Holly said!

    The free and precious gospel, for the ungodly, the ones least deserving of such riches!

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