When ‘Ministry’ Becomes Your God

Wherefore, my dearly beloved, flee from idolatry.
(1 Corinthians 10:14)

There are many things which are not only harmless but good in themselves, which have, nevertheless, been allowed to take the place of the Lord Himself, and good things can therefore embody the principle of idolatry in the one in whom the devotion is found. Touch some Christians, or Christian institutions, and let the touch be even in relation to something more of the Lord Himself, and you will find an uprising of jealous regard for the institution which utterly blinds to that possibility of an extra measure of the Lord Himself.

You can be so devoted to a denomination, a missionary society, a piece of Christian work, that there is no room for any extra measure of the Lord. The thing itself has become the end, the object for which you live, and when the Lord wants to get you moved on into something more of Himself, the obstacle is that good Christian work, association, institution, tradition, connection. Yes, and that is idolatry in principle, and we see from history how the Lord again and again has had to smite with smashing blows things which in themselves were good, in order to save His people unto Himself personally….

What is He after? It is Himself which He is seeking to establish as the object of man’s life, and not the things that have relation to Himself: and I say again, you meet something intensely fierce if you touch a thing, even though you are touching it maybe with a view to getting people to move on with the Lord Himself. To put that in the other way, if your appeal for moving on with the Lord seems to people to involve their having to move away from this or that or some other thing, then there is warfare; which shows that Satan in his eternal campaign of idolatry, has got a footing amongst Christians in relation to things which take the place of the Lord Himself, good things though they be in themselves; and you find, if you are spiritually sensitive, that you are not just encountering the established institutions, but you are encountering a terrific spiritual force. Is that true? It is true. Had I never come up against it, never would I have believed the terrific force there is lying behind Christian institutions if your ministry touches them.

You meet something which turns upon you, and it is not just the thing or the people. It is something that threatens your very life, to slay, and this in principle and essence, beloved, is idolatry; because its ultimate effect is that even the Lord cannot have what His heart is set upon and get His people spiritually where He wants them, because they are so bound up with His things. They are not able to discriminate between His things and Himself.

(Emphasis added.)

By T. Austin-Sparks from: The Cross, the Church, and the Conflict

5 thoughts on “When ‘Ministry’ Becomes Your God

  1. Ingrid Schlueter says:

    The Next Big Thing becomes what you live for rather than seeking Christ himself. This is one of the biggest snares of those in ministry. Somewhere, their identity becomes wrapped up in what they do, not in Jesus Christ, and they serve and work for the Thing they’ve built, forever able to call this busy-ness “serving Christ.” People applaud, and you run ever faster on the treadmill, until your life begins to fray and fall apart underneath the surface. Families get neglected, children begin to show the fruit of not being discipled, because you were too busy serving the Great Cause. And always, always there is someone to praise you for “serving Christ”, when what you were really doing was serving your idol. The proof of who was really being served will show in your life and your primary relationships. Rotten fruit will reveal the wrong god.


  2. In-House Counsel says:

    So true! I think Christians have become aware that worldly success and achievement can be an idol but you make the point so well that Christian service can as well. Thank you.

  3. Linda says:

    you said it so well Ingrid.. People love the praises from men more than praises that come from God…-John 12:43

  4. Kathryn Brogdon says:

    Ah, Ingrid…so refreshing. I read your “Slice of Laodicea” for a while, but this is even better. Even “good” things and right causes become idolatry. Even doctrinal correctness and favorite anchor verses. This is why we need to be Christocentric in the whole of our faith. It’s about “Not I, but Christ” in the whole of our faith. Bro. Sparks got it right.

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