Long Journey for Love

This my husband Tom with his beautiful sister Kris tonight. Kris drove over 900 miles to be here this weekend for Willam’s 16th birthday, his high school honors ceremony and the school play he has been performing in, Thornton Wilder’s Our Town. He was so happy to see her!

Tom’s workplace had a picnic at the zoo for families today, so Emmy got to ride the little train with Aunt Kris, see the elephants, tigers and a whole lot more. It was a beautiful day in Milwaukee, cool, blue skies and lots of sunshine!

2 thoughts on “Long Journey for Love

  1. CherylK says:

    Happy birthday to Will!! 16 is an exciting age. How blessed he is to have family like this who care enough to go all that way. The kids are not going to forget it. We had the same beautiful weather here in eastern Minnesota. Fantastic!

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