My Lilacs Are Blooming

The sun was going down, but the last rays caught my lilacs tonight and the green of the leaves and grass in the back yard. I tried to capture it before the moment departed.

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6 thoughts on “My Lilacs Are Blooming

  1. carolyn says:

    I love the scent of lilacs. Ours are young bushes, not yet in bloom, but the fragrance of lilacs is one of my favorite delights.

  2. Ingrid Schlueter says:

    The scent hits you as you walk down the sidewalk. Some of our neighbors have them, too so it’s nice to get a whiff of it as you stroll along.. My last piano teacher was a very elderly lady named Edna Frieda Pietsch. She lived in a very large Victorian house where she had been born in the 1890’s. She was a composer when she was younger, and she wrote a piece called “Lilacs.” She had me play it for a recital once. She had an oil painting, a portrait of herself, on the wall of her music room where I took lessons. A big vase of lilacs was on the piano in the painting, because that was her signature piece. She was 86 years old at my last recital and she grabbed my hand and told me that she just loved the way I played it. It made her happy. She was a sweet lady. Sadly, she died a few weeks after that recital. So I always think of Miss Pietsch in that old Victorian house when I see Lilacs.

  3. Claris says:

    Thanks for those photos, Ingrid. I love lilacs! We have a lilac bush right next to our back deck so whenever we walk out the door we smell that lovely scent in the air. I always brought lilacs in full bloom to my mother when she was in the nursing home. A big, broad smile always lit up her face when I placed them in a vase on her dresser. This will be the first mother’s day without her as she passed away last July. I will miss cutting them off the bush, arranging them in a glass vase, bringing them to her and seeing her joy-filled smile. Happy Mother’s Day, Mom

  4. Kris says:

    I can smell their scent all the way to Oklahoma. There are few and far
    between lilac bushes here because of the climate and soil content. One
    of my favorite scents on the earth. Thanks for sharing. Beautiful!!

  5. Judi Hayes says:

    Ingrid, my family and I were in Milwaukee on Mother’s Day, and we went to the Botanical Gardens at Whitnall park in the evening. I was hopeful that the lilacs would be blooming, but alas, they were totally done! Back at home in Michigan’s upper peninsula, they’re just starting, but it’s not a good year due to the early unseasonably warm spring and the inevitable cold spells that came and did their damage. Last year’s blooms were spectacular, and I so love them and the lily-of-the-valley–for their beauty and their scent–that bloom at the same time. Next we look for the peony bombs. I love this time of year. And the gardens at Whitnall park were lovely anyway, so peaceful with the gold, slanty sunlight that I so love at that time of day…and the birdsong. Pure bliss. 😀 I actually thought of you while we were there, wondering if we might find you there with Emmy! 😀 I remember being in the rose gardens as a child when we lived in Milwaukee.

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