When Morning Gilds the Skies

I was somewhat groggily moving at 6am to take Will 20 miles in for a ride to the state forensics meet with his team members. As I returned home and closed the door on the car in the driveway, I stood very still suddenly. The singing of the birds was so  beautiful, and the rising sun was sending its rays onto the flowered trees in our yard. It took my breath away. Had I not been up at 6 on a Saturday morning, I would have missed that beautiful moment. The words of this hymn sprang to mind.

When morning gilds the skies,
my heart awakening cries,
May Jesus Christ be praised!

Here’s the lovely hymn if you’d like to listen. As I was standing there, our son Jon pulled in, returning home after a night of work on the third shift. He enjoyed the moment with me and got his camera to take a shot of this golden spring morning.

2 thoughts on “When Morning Gilds the Skies

  1. Carol says:

    Thanks for sharing this special blessing moment and the song. The dogwoods here are blooming and are so lovely that they make me smile as I go about my errands and drives to meetings. God is so good to give us this beauty!

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