Daddy’s Home

Emmy and Tom took a stroll in the back yard when he got home from work on a very warm evening for March. Son Charlie made this little video of Emmy and her daddy surveying the scene together. She watches for his car every night when it’s time for his homecoming.


10 thoughts on “Daddy’s Home

  1. Ingrid Schlueter says:

    Sam, we found the hat in the dollar bin at the store and she wore it in the store like Minnie Pearl with the tags hanging off it. She had it on all afternoon and asked me at bedtime, “Where’s my hat, Mama?” She had to make sure it was safe.

  2. Pam Nelson says:

    What a sweet and precious video. I miss my granddaughter being little like that. She is 13 now. I miss all my grandkids being small. Time goes so quickly. It’s good that you have these memories recorded.

  3. Ingrid Schlueter says:

    Your granddaughter is blessed to have you. I wish Emmy had grandparents in her life, but she doesn’t, sadly. She sees the grandparents on the children’s program Calliou and talks about them, but does not have any of her own who will spend time with her.) My own grandson, due in June, will live 1000 miles away. 😦 Maybe sometime we can live nearer, as I sure do want to be a loving grandma! Instead, I’ll be a Skype grandma. Can’t make cookies that way, though!

    Here’s the view from Sam and Laura’s living room. No wonder they love Colorado!

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