A Sign of Spring

It’s supposed to be nearly 60 degrees (F) today. Song sparrows are making an appearance here in Wisconsin again, a very good sign! Here is a little information on the modest little birds now making their presence known.

The play equipment at the park has been hosed off from the winter muck, and Emily made her first park trip of the season earlier this week. Today, an even more exciting trip is planned to the park with her daddy (while Mom heads to the library right behind the park.)

Daylight savings is this weekend, so we’re ready to spring forward. What a hopeful time of year!

2 thoughts on “A Sign of Spring

  1. Donna says:

    Isn’t it wonderful? I think that having cold winters (although this one was so mild) makes me almost giddy when I start to see signs of spring. Our apple trees are showing tiny leaves, which is the first sign here.

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