No Lilacs Yet…

We awoke to a white world again this morning. As much as I’m longing for warm breezes heady with the scent of lilacs, the beauty of the trees covered in white “frosting” was undeniable. Em put on her bright pink snowpants and other winter accoutrements, and we had some fun in the white stuff. She greatly admired the snow face I made on a tree with my dead aim snowballs. Tonight, we are having a sledding party on the hill in the back if the snow is still there when Daddy gets home.

It’s a marshmallow world in the winter,
When the snow comes to cover the ground,
It’s the time for play, it’s a whipped cream day,
I wait for it all year round.

Those are marshmallow clouds being friendly,
In the arms of the evergreen trees,
And the sun is red like a pumpkin head,
It’s shining so your nose won’t freeze…

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8 thoughts on “No Lilacs Yet…

  1. Christina says:

    Nice pictures Ingrid! Thanks for sharing them. Emmy is getting big, she looks like she is having a lot of fun in the snow. The kids are thrilled to see the snow this morning. Our dog also loves the snow. We will be heading out this afternoon to enjoy and possibly make a snowman while we are at it! πŸ™‚

  2. Ingrid Schlueter says:

    It was hard for her to come in, of course. Much lamentation, but finally when her mittens got full of snow and my boots started leaking (I’ve only had them 15 years, what’s the problem?! LOL), it was time to head inside. Hope you all have fun!! All we needed was a dog today. My old dog Cricket was from the Rio Grande Valley where I got her. The first time she saw snow it was hilarious. She snapped at it and barked and threw it up in the air with her mouth and snarled. I’ll never forget it!

  3. Margaret L. Been says:

    Ingrid, did you write that delightful poem? How wonderful to read a “read-able” poem with a musical structure! I long to see (hear!) the music come back to poetry! πŸ™‚

  4. Ingrid Schlueter says:

    I didn’t write it, it’s the song, “It’s a Marshmallow World.” Here it is with Bing and Ella.

  5. Ingrid Schlueter says:

    Carolyn, I think those are called the Blues… πŸ˜‰

    Got up in the mornin’
    The world was draped in ice,
    I’m singin’ the BLUES this mornin’
    Cause drizzle ain’t so nice..

    Cue the sax!

  6. carolynb says:

    ROFL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Did you just make that up??? Now THAT gave a serious lift to my day, as I stare outside at the freezing drizzle. Thank you for making me laugh so hard I am having trouble catching my breath.

    Let me sing it with ya:

    I got the blues…
    I got the freezing drizzle blues…

    Oh when will spring ever come?
    My fingers are growing numb…
    I got the freezing drizzle blues!

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