Women for Sale – Cheap

Explaining modesty, as the report says, as being ‘no longer a virtue in contemporary society’ the annual Romance Report by publisher Harlequin showed a clear focus on technology’s involvement in romance today in both the survey’s themed questions and results. From the article, New Study Reveals Increasing Number of Women ‘Sexting’

What`s love got to do, got to do with it
What`s love but a sweet old fashioned notion
What`s love got to do, got to do with it
Who needs a heart when a heart can be broken…

~Tina Turner, pop song from the 80’s

The continuing collapse of Western culture is nowhere more evident than in the shambolic state of women today. There is a UK newspaper that reports continually on the new breed of female teacher/predators who target young boys for sexual thrills, leaving damaged and ruined lives in their wake. There are so many stories like this that it feels surreal to scan headlines anymore. It’s like a tidal wave of debauchery has swept over our country, with women at the leading edge.

Women are now, according to a new study, sending naked photos of themselves, over their cell phones at a startling rate. We’re not talking about 15-year-olds here, we’re talking about grown women. (Perhaps that’s where the teen girls got the idea?) Whether you are 60 or 6, the mantra of the New Millennium Woman is “work it, baby!”

As a member of Generation X, I stare around in bewilderment sometimes. The Baby Boomer females were the women who were declaring their total liberation from male “oppression”, getting abortions when they conceived children in their newly liberated state, burning their female undergarments and claiming the ultimate triumph of women over men. They were women, they said, and everyone was supposed to hear them roar.They were no longer just going to be toys for boys, no more staying at home to rear children, it was all going to be a new world with she-warriors über alles.

I once babysit for a very strange household of liberal academics. There were 3 adults in the house, and only later did my innocent teen mind slowly realize that the dynamics were not normal, to put it kindly. One night I was browsing the bookshelves of the house for reading material when I pulled out a black  book of feminist poetry.

“Eve stands for evil,
God stands for good,
So much for male, patriarchal authority…”

The poetry went downhill from there. The hippies I was babysitting for were the archetypal feminists, shunning make-up, with long stringy hair, the radical UK magazine Prime Rib on the burlap covered coffee table. There wouldn’t have been any sexting in that household.

My generation of females seemed to have lost that feminist vision somewhere in the 80’s. “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” was on the radio, pink hair and florescent gel wrist bands were in. Madonna showed up on the scene, and flaunted sexuality became the norm in teen music and film. The Prime Rib crowd seemed a long ways away.

Fast forward to today’s young girls who are sending naked photos of themselves in middle school, while their 40 and 50-something mothers are getting injected with toxins and having surgery to maintain their “hot” looks, Their mothers have, after all, their own provocative photos to send to their latest “boyfriends.”

The term “cougar” was coined to describe older women going after young men in movies. The idea has now been applied at a very local level like the Christian school rocked by the pervert female charged with sex abuse of her young male student. Cougars. Real progress, women.

It isn’t hard to diagnose the problem. Erase God and His laws from the homes of America, deny His image stamped on humanity, take His gift of sexuality and tear it away from the marriage covenant, descend to the level of beasts of the field in living by your glands, and you will achieve the smoking ruins around us.

I don’t care if I offend any feminist reading this post. What has happened to womanhood is a tragedy and an outrage. I admire men and the masculine traits that set them apart. But I love being female, because I believe that we bring something unique and equally special to the world. By nature, God made us more nurturing, more gentle, and those emotions females are often criticized for are what make the world a habitable place. We have the “feel” of a situation that men often lack. That’s because God gave that intuitive gift to women. The world would be a bleak, utilitarian place without it.

The protective instincts, the tenderness and love of a woman is something that make a home what God intended. Whether or not you have children or a husband, a woman brings beauty and love and care to others that men simply cannot duplicate. Because they are men.

To see a nation of girls and grown women turn themselves into sleazy p-rno pin-ups, aborting the children of their wombs for convenience, surgically altering their bodies to suit some fake celebrity ideal, spending hours texting and tweeting sexy pics and behaving like empty-headed bimbos is sickening. It’s a perversion of God’s design, and our society is paying an enormous and unaffordable price for it–because our daughters are watching and emulating what we do. And one glance at the headlines will show how well they are doing with this brave new world.

Girls are led to believe being loved, the word so cheaply thrown around by teens today, is provoking a lustful response in males. They are being lied to by every aspect of our culture, and often in their own homes by parents who fail to truly love each other. Girls are used up and discarded like trash, many arriving at Tina Turner’s jaded conclusion by the time they are in high school. (“What’s love got to do with it?) Being a sexual provocateur is considered arriving at your female destiny, and God help the girl who isn’t considered “hot” enough to be “loved.”

I tremble to be raising daughters in this climate. We mothers and also fathers need to do whatever we can to protect our girls from the mindset of the age. One of the best ways to do that is to model for our children true love in our marriages that allows us to find the full and healthy expression of our gender according to God’s perfect plan.

I intend to write more on this in the near future.

11 thoughts on “Women for Sale – Cheap

  1. Paula Coyle says:

    It’s no excuse, but women think that by doing this sinful behavior they will earn acceptance from men. It’s the old sin nature all the time – men think that by ‘getting’ women they get something they deserve or need. Women think that by ‘getting’ the attention of a man they are getting something they need. They both need Christ, who meets all our needs, not to mention our biggest need of forgiveness and reconciliation, so that we can rightly relate to each other without USING each other for gratification sexually or emotionally or any other way.

    There’s a famine of the Word of the Lord these days… all we get is moralism which breeds (ironically) more iniquity, or “do whatever you want” which of course, is just giving people permission to do what their sin nature already wants.

  2. Ingrid Schlueter says:

    No, I agree, Paula. I addressed the root causes of this in my post about girls and fathers. The whole thing is so sad, because in the end, nobody finds happiness. It also, I don’t think, is moralism to point out that those families, Christian or otherwise, who operate according to God’s Laws regarding marriage, children, and respect for the order HE set up, enjoy his EXTERNAL blessings, just as a nation that punishes evil, upholds order, etc. also enjoys the external blessings that brings. The internal blessings and eternal blessings are a different story. I think Romans 13, written in a very NON-Christian era government wise backs up what I’m saying. Order whether in families or nations comes from respect for the eternal verities God has established. (So we agree!)

  3. Elizabeth says:

    How very true and nothing is more shameful than seeing a woman at chuch with a neckline so low you can’t believe she dares wear it! Do these women not understand that Christian men do not go to church to have to fight lustful thoughts? Shame on them that do this!

  4. Lisa Green Kentala says:

    Society thinks boys “abused” by older women are not victims, but rather “lucky”. This is untrue. These boys have serious psychological issues as they age and process what has happened to their innocence. On first glance it doesn’t appear to be as serious as men preying on young girls, but some experts feel the results may be worse for victimized boys in the long run. How said – what on earth is going on in the minds of these female teachers??? If I live to be 100, I will never understand women who do this! In a related aside – 53 year old Madonna has a 24 year old boyfriend and she is older than his mother. Sick, sick, sick.

  5. Ingrid Schlueter says:

    Well, one well-known actress is now in rehab after being rejected by her toy boy who got tired of having a 50-year-old wife and jettisoned her in favor of club hopping with younger girlfriends. Any older woman who thinks such a relationship will end well is delusional. When life is all about sexual conquest, which is what these female teachers are doing to these boy students, none of it can end well. I think this verse says it all, “The one who sows to please his sinful nature, from that nature will reap destruction; the one who sows to please the Spirit, from the Spirit will reap eternal life.” (From the book of Galatians 6:8)

  6. Ann says:

    Ingrid, I’m not sure of your thoughts on Vision Forum, but I must give them credit for influencing women in a very Godly way. I’ve been tremendously blessed by them and their view of women. Teaching all of us, both young and old, to be ladies of virtue with sobriety and modesty. I’m very thankful for their ministry, as I am yours:)

  7. carolynb says:

    A nation that forgets God will descend into hell (Psalm 9:17).

    Unbelievers who see these things (degradation of women, abuse of little girls, as in your post about Toddlers/Tiaras) may mourn over them and desire to change society for the better, but they do not realize that what they are seeing are mere symptoms, not the root cause. Any attempt to “fix” the symptoms will fail, because the root isn’t being addressed. And any attempt to “fix” anything without God will also prove to be in vain. Human nature is fallen, and apart from Him, is truly powerless to change anything permanently, be it society or ourselves.

    We do need godly outward constraints to rein in evil – you are definitely right about a society that can enjoy external blessings by correctly applying God’s law.

    But the real crux of the matter is, as you and others have said, hearts need to be changed by Christ from the inside out. That is the work of the Holy Spirit in response to the preaching of the Gospel.

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