Tuesday Night Music

It was a special evening last night. Will’s long awaited concert took place. I was probably more nervous than he was, but I shouldn’t have been because he told me he was ready, and having heard him practice, I knew he had done the work.

The night was special for many reasons, one of which was hearing him accompany Tom on the Manz Aria. 18 years ago I wore out a cassette tape (literally wore it to ribbons and had to throw it out) where Tom played that piece with Gesu’s organist, John Weissrock. The lovely, brooding music is sad and sweet all at the same time. It seems to encapsulate life which is also sad and sweet all at the same time. Hearing Will play it with his dad for the first time is something I’ll always remember.

The headmaster, his wife and daughter from Will’s school attended, and we were thankful for their interest and support for our son. My sister and her family and friends were there, my aunt and uncle came, and we were delighted to have my mother surprise us all by coming after a long car journey from out of state. A special thanks to Pam for coming. You know who you are. It was a pleasure to meet you! Thanks also to Sister Mary Jane Wagner and John Weissrock for their investment of time.

I failed to get very good recordings last night as I was distracted craning my neck to the balcony to see my men playing, but I did capture their performance of the Prelude to the Te Deum, by Charpentier. (This is especially for you, Kris!)

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2 thoughts on “Tuesday Night Music

  1. Carol says:

    The prelude was beautiful! Will and his Dad sounded great together, what a joy for a family to share a love of music.

  2. Pam Ratcliffe says:

    Hello, Ingrid. I just want to let you know what an absolute privilege it was to attend Will’s concert on Tuesday evening. He did a FANTASTIC job!! What a blessing to see a young man using his God-given talents to bring honor and glory to God. Will’s diligence, hard work and heart for the music were so evident in his playing. Truly, his music brought delight to the hearts of those who were there, as evidenced by the looks on people’s faces as I looked around. Please convey to him our sincere thanks for his hard work and CONGRATULATIONS on an exceptional performance! Well done!!

    It was such a pleasure to meet you before the concert. I count you a dear sister in Christ! I will continue to pray for God’s leading and abundant provision for you and your family.

    Thank you, Ingrid!

    In Christ, Pam Ratcliffe

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