Open the Rose Window…

It is predicted to be nearly 50 degrees F in Milwaukee on Tuesday. On that freakishly balmy January evening, my husband Tom and son William will be playing a concert in Milwaukee. Gesu Church has monthly organ concerts and Will was asked in October if he would play at this month’s event. It was a real honor for him to be asked as Gesu has just inaugurated their beautiful refurbished organ. Tom will be playing with him on several pieces and Gesu organist John Weissrock will also be performing.

Not very many appreciate the King of Instruments these days, but for the ones who do, it is an hour that will take you out of yourself and into the beautiful realm God gave through music. Details of the concert are here if anyone in the area would enjoy the music. The concert is free.

4 thoughts on “Open the Rose Window…

  1. Kris says:

    WE WANT TO BE THERE!!! I know the concert will be wonderful. What a
    great way to showcase your talents from God…father and son in concert
    together. We’ll be thinking of you.
    Kris & Mike

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