Toddlers, Tiaras and Terrible Mothers

I don’t mind at all if this post gets me labeled judgmental. Some things are worth earning a label, and when I read the latest this morning at a news site about the TV show, Toddlers and Tiaras, frankly, it made me sick. Reportedly, the mothers of these little girls are spiking bottles of juice with high amounts of caffeine to up their small daughters’ energy prior to these pageants.

That “beauty” pageants exist for tiny girls is in itself a commentary on the values in this country. That a “reality” TV show can be made out of the exploitation of these little children and not be shut down by child welfare authorities beggars belief.

One mother boasted recently that she regularly bleaches her little daughter’s teeth to make sure she is pageant ready at all times. The TV show frequently shows the slobby looking mothers calling out to their toddlers to “work it” up on stage in front of adults who will judge their sexy gyrations and score them. The tarty costumes these little girls wear is enough to make the angels weep.

It’s all a form of child p-rn. (I hyphenate the word because I don’t want filters to deny access to this post.) The Toddlers and Tiaras program must be pedophile heaven. The ghost of the raped and murdered Jon-Benet Ramsey hovers over these debauched pageants where little girls are sexed up for the viewing pleasure of adults.

Innocence and childhood is a very brief time in a girl’s life. It can be stolen so easily and so quickly. Our cultural Sodom in America takes this innocence ever earlier. As the mother of daughters, it enrages and terrifies me when I see the monstrous assault on all that is precious and good in girlhood. Toddlers and Tiaras is the crystallization of all that is wrong morally in our culture.

As a mother, my job is to love and protect my daughter by giving her what is good and wholesome and raising her to resist and abhor what is wrong and twisted. I am supposed to keep her away from filthy people who would use her for their own foul entertainment and pleasure. Mothers who participate in the pimping out of their daughters for fame and fortune are child abusers, simply put.

The entire culture is one of sexual abuse of our daughters. I stood at the checkout last week and witnessed the headline, “50 S-x Moves” on the cover of one of the rags for sale. My daughter will know how to read likely by age 5. What kind of people in a culture tolerate this rampant disregard for innocence? What keeps grown men, fathers, from marching en masse to the managers who run these stores and demanding that this kind of filth be removed from the eyesight of their children? (Believe me, I’ve tried enough times.)

What kind of Christian pastors have made peace with this culture of filth and stand in their pulpits in their lavish vestments, simpering out their latest devotionalette to their congregations while little girls are treated like meat?  Do you have anything to say, pastors? Anything at all about the source of all of this evil?  Their emasculated, impotent “gospel” is worthless. As Christ put it, the salt of our society has become worthless, fit for the dunghill. We’re certainly living in one.

Little girls drugged up with caffeine to have the maximum ability to titillate their adult audiences for a sleazy TV show. That’s our “reality” in America. We should be trembling.

*NOTE: I saw this article today on the petition to require Cosmo be put in a wrapper due to content. Apparently there are a lot of others who are fed up. If they must sell it, wrap it up in paper like p-rn used to be when you had to take the drive of shame out to the ugly store on the highway to buy such  magazines. Here’s the link to the page if you’re interested in signing.

25 thoughts on “Toddlers, Tiaras and Terrible Mothers

  1. darlene says:

    I agree with 100%…My heart goes out to little girls.. The thoughts I have had about the parents..well I keep that to myself.

  2. Jessica says:

    It is the saddest show on earth. I was flipping one night and came across it. I could only take about 5 min. It was sincerely sobering to see what these little girls and yes one little boy were being put through. Judge away Ingrid. I stand in judgement with you. – Jess

  3. Carol Blair says:

    Well said, Ingrid. Another reason I don’t have a TV.

    On the magazines at the checkout — turn them over. I have done so many times.

  4. Christina says:

    Its amazing how fast America has gone down. Amazing what sin does to a culture. It baffles me that people watch the show and wonder why we have so many pedophiles and also let their little ones dress and act that way too.
    Great idea Carol…I’ll have to try turning the magazines over. Elizabeth is starting to notice these magazines but she knows now the difference and actually verbally points out the immodesty (even though we try to avoid the lanes that dont have it….which is few).

  5. Kris says:

    Ingrid, I accidenly ran across this program yesterday as I ate supper by
    myself because hubby was working. I literally could not believe these
    mothers (they shouldn’t be called that) putting their 2, 6, 7, and 8 yr. olds
    in this competition. What does our Lord think of how these parents who
    are exploiting their children?? My mouth hung to the floor for the 3 min.
    I watched and had to shut it off. Hair, cascades, make-up, spray tans,
    sequins, dangly earrings, and outfits that should never be. What is wrong
    with these mothers? They are asking for trouble and will regret the day
    they started this with their daughters. I think you were reading my mind
    yesterday. Thanks for the post…Kris

  6. EmilyK says:

    You had me until you picked on the guys in the lavish vestments.

    My Pastor speaks out about this filth all the time. Not fair to pick on attire.

  7. Ingrid Schlueter says:

    I mentioned the “lavish vestments” of churchmen (women?) who pride themselves on their deep religion while denying the power of God and providing worthless religiosity. And I do believe that the men who deck themselves out like peacocks when the Son of God didn’t even have a place to lay his head are wrong. That’s just my own view. I don’t mind clerical garb, but when the men start looking like human Christmas trees, there’s a problem with the pastor’s concept of who they are imitating as under-shepherds.

  8. EmilyK says:

    In the old testament the God ordained vestments were VERY lavish indeed.

    Anyhow, I know you weren’t meaning to have a conversation with someone you don’t know about vestments and ephods and such, but I have recently just started attending a church where the Pastor wears vestments for the first time and I had to find out WHY… so its just been on my mind recently.

  9. carolynb says:


    A whelm of thoughts and emotions crossed my heart and mind after reading this… for many reasons. When what should be the softest and sweetest of any society – little girls – and what should be the nurturers of society – the mothers – degrade themselves / are degraded by others to this level, and when what should be the heroic and righteous protectors of society – husbands and fathers and Christ’s shepherds – are fruitless, yellow, and impotent, we have become as a society thoroughly debauched in our transgressions and rife with iniquity. Keeping a Godly fear of the Lord in our hearts, true born-again believers, while hoping on Christ’s mercy, sometimes must also realize that, as with Old Testament times, there are also times when He no longer will listen or save (Jeremiah 11:10-14). That thought is frightening.

    As for lavish vestments – Christ Himself spoke against those, because as you rightly said Ingrid, more often than not, they are an evidence of outward religiosity without being born again of the Spirit. No offense taken here, Ingrid.

    Vestiture notwithstanding, should not our pastors not only speak against this [Toddlers, Tiaras, and Terrible Mothers… and Fathers], but also against the sins in their own (and our own) hearts? The problem with this world is MY sin.

    The only hope is that we must be found in Christ, not having a righteousness of our own, by law, which is nothing more than filthy rags in His sight, but rather by being robed in His perfect righteousness, the only means that saves: His shed blood, poured out once and only once, securing permanent salvation for all who turn to Him in repentance and faith. That is the only way the inside of the cup ever gets cleaned.

  10. Ingrid Schlueter says:

    After receiving email I apparently did not realize I was stepping into a landmine by talking about lavish vestments but weak clergy. I am not opposed to clergy attire. I was using the analogy of lavish outward religion with no power. That’s all, folks.

  11. carolynb says:

    PS: to EmilyK, the New Covenant is a new and better covenant, the days of the lavish priestly garments are over. There are no more sacrifices, there is no more altar, there is no more Old Covenant priesthood. Was all nailed to the cross.

    All true believers today are themselves a royal priesthood, and have been for 2000 years. I don’t need a priest, I am a priest. So is my husband. So is my pastor. Because we’ve all been born again.

    Ingrid, you NEVER have to apologize for standing on truth. If everyone’s feathers are ruffled and they are emailing you because you rightly spoke about lavish garments (I understood what you were saying), well those that are complaining need to, as my pastor said the other day, read the book of Hebrews and get out of the book of Deuteronomy. 8)

  12. Lisa Green Kentala says:

    It’s not just Cosmo with the tacky cover headlines and unbelieveable articles. It’s almost every magazine geared to young women! I only have read these when my library was giving them away – I won’t even take them for free anymore. The worst might be Marie-Clare. When I was young in the 60s and 70s the Seventeen and Glamour magazines were a world away from today’s filthy, sex-obsessed versions! I pity the young girls of today growing up with this kind of “normalcy”.

  13. Gil says:


    I have two questions regarding your statements above.

    1. Can you please provide a verse where Christ condemns vestments?

    2. You said we are all priests (I agree). However, the definition of a priest is someone who presents an offering or sacrifice to God. What are we offering to God in our priesthood if there are no sacrifices in the New Covenant?

    I agree that humility is essential, and that pride and hypocrisy are wrong. But I believe your associating vestments with pride is misplaced. Simple, plain clothing can just as much be a source of pride. We must all be on guard. Sin is always lurking in our hearts regardless of what we wear.


  14. thinkingabouthome says:

    Back to the topic of the post…the exploitation of innocent little girls…

    I agree that society as a whole, as well as the church in particular, will be judged for its treatment of the most vulnerable among us. But as a parent, I cannot even imagine what these mothers are thinking. To me, it seems the modern version of child sacrifice…and makes me cringe. And weep.
    Such a perversion of the role of parent as protector.

  15. Ingrid Schlueter says:

    I am sorry that the subject matter got off track here. The whole idea of womanhood, motherhood, what we are to our children and families has been corrupted. Without God and His word as the bedrock shaping the values (something that did help shape values in general for generations whether it’s acknowledged or not), society cycles downward. I cannot believe the news stories almost daily of female teachers molesting their young students. There was yet another story today. These women are sexual predators just like men used to be. I guess this is supposed to be progress for women, the permanent harming of minors because of their own lust. God help us all.

  16. Lori Glass says:

    I agree with you completely Ingrid. Those poor little girls don’t have a chance for a normal life. Carol, my mom turned magazines over when I was growing up in the 60’s and 70’s and I have followed in her footsteps.

  17. Bert says:

    Re: Toddlers, Tiaras and Terrible Mothers

    The sexualization of young girls has bothered me for some time. I assume that you’ve noticed as I have that young girls are typically dressed just like their mothers, i.e. often in immodestly tight fitting clothing. Our Christian school (K-8th grade) after much consideration adopted uniforms. The students are now required to wear only certain colors without imprinted logos or slogans. You would expect that a true uniform would fit rather loosely for the purpose of drawing no special attention to either sex. Not so! Small girls come wearing the authorized colors just as sensually dressed as their mothers. I contend that ‘uniforms’ have accomplished little. Whatever happened to children being children? Their parents are complicit in their young daughters sending messages that they are too young to understand and they go right into their teens dressed the same way without missing a beat. There are of course exceptions but the majority just goes on culturally locked into something that, I hope, is so ubiquitous that they are blind to it. The Christian community, if no one else, should be sensitive to the matter.

  18. Ingrid Schlueter says:

    Well said, Bert! My older sons once attended a Christian school, and I do use that term loosely, where they also adopted “uniforms.” That meant the high school girls bought the uniforms 3 sizes too small. I’ll never forget pulling up to drop my sons off and seeing a girl in the tan “uniform” skirt halfway up her upper leg, wearing pink and black fishnet, hooker stockings with gladiator boots. And she never got sent home, my son told me.

    Our son’s school is excellent about this. They don’t even allow make-up or jewelry and they sent alerts home to parents when the code is being violated. The girls skirts come to their knees and they look exactly as young girl students should. I am delighted with their attention to these matters. The headmaster is English and knows full well that the learning atmosphere is compromised when girls are allowed to seduce on school hours. I will add that the lower school little girls look JUST like little girls should. I see them in their pigtails and uniform jumpers and I cheer (silently!) The difference is that his school, which is small, draws from traditional families where there is a sharing of values and beliefs about education and things like modesty. That helps tremendously. If you don’t have mom modeling decency, it’s an uphill battle to police it in the students. It provides an atmosphere of achievement. The guys wear polo shirts and khaki’s most days, but on chapel days they wear dress shirts and ties. Some of the older guys even wear suits, which they are allowed to do on any day, and believe it or not, my son wears a suit now and then, just because he wants too! The older students set the tone for the younger ones that makes it “cool” to do this. If only we could see this kind of upward peer pressure in all our schools and homes.

  19. Brad Emery says:

    Hi, Ingrid!

    I’ve been reading up on this show for quite a while, and I feel that this is an excellent article. I’ll disclose fully and state that I’m an atheist, and quite happy with that, as well as a supporter of 3rd-wave feminism. Both communities inform me quite clearly that this sort of awful exploitation is disgusting. Every post I see that clearly and succinctly describes why that show is so wrong bolsters my faith in humanity. Bravo!

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