One Week Until Christmas

It’s hard to believe it’s only a week until Christmas. Will had his Christmas program at school last night. He played, “Ding Dong Merrily on High” on the piano. My nephew Jesse is playing his trumpet tomorrow night with the band at his school’s Christmas program, and I will be his proud aunt in the audience. Will is accompanying a children’s Christmas program this Sunday morning.

We had an early Christmas with Aunt Kris who always brings a lot of joy with her, as does Uncle Mike when he is able to come. Christmas Eve, I am accompanying Tom to a midnight service where he is playing. Emily will be tucked up in bed sound asleep and watched over by her guardian brothers. Once again, I will sit alone in a dark church, without distraction, listening to the beautiful words and music of the Christmas Eve vigil. It’s a deeply meaningful way of remembering the mystery of the Incarnation.

We are not having a big meal on Christmas Day. I made a turkey on Thanksgiving and wore myself out. The consensus is that everybody wants to take it easy this year. So I am going to make some hot ham and buy some rolls, and we will have a very easy Christmas dinner without all the clean-up time. The big meals are nice, but I think everybody would prefer to just spend our time together without a lot of fuss.

Tom’s long running music job comes to an end this weekend, and we will get him back again! This year, the show did not run all the way until Christmas so we are very pleased to have him back early. After weeks of being so busy, he is looking forward to a quiet Christmas Day.

What we need in all our lives is to see the power of that Savior who was born in Bethlehem. The Nativity becomes nothing more than a romantic story if it is stripped of its larger meaning. Bethlehem led to Calvary. It was on Calvary that the power of sin, death and hell were broken. We desperately need to see the power of our resurrected Jesus in our lives. Otherwise, it is just a fairy tale. We need more than a Christmas card Jesus. We need to see the power of the living Jesus to heal lives, restore relationships and reconcile us to each other in love and forgiveness. May God show His power this Christmas and every day of our lives.

O Come let us adore Him, Christ the LORD.

5 thoughts on “One Week Until Christmas

  1. darlene says:

    Sounds like a wonderful Christmas….Merry Christmas.

    Thank you again for sharing your family with us….

    I always get excited when you post some thing new. It’s a gift because it’s always some thing new….

  2. Lisa Green Kentala says:

    My sister said she’ll never do a big Thanksgiving dinner again because of all the work. I’m ok with doing it once a year, but twice in a month is exhausting. I’m still trying to figure out our Christmas dinner (just our family – we see relatives the day before and day after). Something good but not a ton of work – you have the right idea!

  3. Ingrid Schlueter says:

    I’m almost with your sister on this one. For years, I was a traditionalist and the thought of Christmas without the big turkey dinner was unthinkable. This Thanksgiving, I remembered how hard it is to have everything hot and ready at the same time working with one oven. By the time I had it on the table, it was collapse time. It’s not so bad if you have some help and there are multiple sets of hands, but this year, it was all me. My men try to help, but in my “step-saving” kitchen with minimal counter space (to put it mildly) men sometimes just get underfoot more than anything. (Sorry, guys, but thanks anyway!) Throw in an excited toddler to watch out for every time you open the oven door, and it was not exactly a relaxing time. Fortunately, the men were on board for taking the easy route this year for Christmas. I am making a couple of (frozen) pumpkin pies, however, to salve my conscience. Will is a big pumpkin pie fan. (I made him one in October and the next day it vanished. Turns out he took it to school to finish. I never even got a piece!)

  4. Holly says:

    Every year it’s a struggle to overcome the busyness of the Christmas season and focus on Jesus, but this morning we had our Sunday School Christmas program and things started falling into place. This event brings so much joy every year to so many people. Thank you, Jesus, for bringing hope and joy to our world!

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